Types of Facebook Ads – Which one to choose for selling t-shirts

Facebook Ad Types


Hey guys, hope you all are doing awesome and selling lots of t-shirts.

Today, I wanted to cover one important topic which people keep asking me. Which Facebook Ad type works best for selling t-shirts.

After you have selected a design for your t-shirts and launched a campaign, the next step is to run a Facebook Ad for its promotion.

If you have ever tried Facebook Ads for selling t-shirts on MyDreamStore, you know that Facebook has different types of ads we can use for promotion. There is a reason Facebook has introduced different Ad Types because they all serve a different purpose and have different results.

Facebook Ad Types

When we go into Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook prompts us to choose the Ad Objective.

Keeping selling t-shirts in mind, we just need 3 Ad Types


1) PPE Ad (Page Post Engagement Ad) – Boost Your Post


PPE Ad is basically used to increase engagement of your page post. The main objective of PPE Ad is to increase the Likes, Shares, Comments of the post on Facebook. Here is what a PPE Ad looks like.

Basically, you publish a post on a Facebook page like a regular post. Then go to Ads Manager, create a new ad using PPE Ad and promote it to your targeted audience.

The ad image itself is not associated with any link. It has to be mentioned separately in the description of the image.

When clicked on the image, it expands to fill the whole screen.





2) CTW Ad (Clicks to Website Ad) – Send people to your link

CTW Ad is basically used to send people directly to a link. In case of PPE Ad which we saw earlier, if someone clicks on the image, it expands and shows the image full screen and we have to specify the link of the t-shirt in description.

But in case of the CTW Ad, when someone clicks on the image, they are directly redirected to the link which you specify. For creating CTW Ad, you need to add one image and a link where it should take you.

So, if you want to send people directly to the link of your t-shirt campaign, CTW Ad works best.


3) WC Ad (Website Conversion Ad) – Increase Conversions/Sales of your campaign

Website Conversion Ad is designed to increase conversion on your website. In our case, conversion means t-shirt sales. Facebook automatically optimises the ads and shows it to people who are most likely to buy your t-shirt and increase the sales.

However, you need to setup a Facebook Pixel to run a WC Ad. Setting up a Facebook Pixel is easy and very useful. I will cover that in the next post.


Which Ad Type is Best for Selling T-Shirts?

Now, we know all 3 Ad Types. My recommendation is –

Always always start with PPE Ad. And here is the reason why –

PPE Ad is optimised to increase Likes, Shares, Comments on your post. Now, suppose you are targeting your ad towards doctors. Chances are every doctor who is on Facebook has a lot of other doctors in his friend list.

So when PPE Ad, increases the likes, comments and shares on the post, it automatically goes to his complete friend list and will be visible to other potential buyers as well. So you get FREE promotion. PPE Ads have high chances of ads going viral giving you free traffic.

Plus, Cost of Engagement is comparatively very less compared to other ads. So you get more exposure with PPE Ads at less budget.

And when you are starting out, it is best to start with PPE Ad to see how the response is. If no one is sharing, commenting or liking the post, that means people are not finding the design very attractive. If you start getting shares, comments, means people are loving the design and you can spend more money on it.


But isn’t WC Ad increases sales? Why can’t we start with that?

WC Ads increases conversions. But before it does that, it needs some data. If you start directly with WC Ad, Facebook has no way of knowing who will buy it.

So what I do is, I always start with PPE and let it make at least 25-30 sales. Now, since your pixel has been setup. All the information about buyers are getting stored in the pixel. Using that pixel, I launch a WC conversion Ad.

Now Facebook knows exactly who are the previous buyers of that t-shirt and using that data it starts targeting people who match the similar profile. Now WC Ad works like a magic. Hope it makes sense now 🙂

CTW Ad (click to Website) works similarly. Once through PPE you know that people are loving the design and sharing it and commenting on it, then you can launch a CTW Ad to send people directly to your t-shirt campaign.



Start with PPE Ad. Setup a Facebook Pixel to track the sales. Run the PPE Ad till you get 25-30 sales. If you find people are loving the design and sharing and commenting on it, then launch a CTW Ad. At the same time, launch a WC Ad using the Pixel setup earlier.

This is the exact strategy I use myself. I will cover in detail about how to launch these ads and pixel in the next post.

Hope it was useful to you. If any doubt, feel free to comment below or send me an email at mubaid@tshirtprofitacademy.com

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Thanks for the tips 🙂

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Thank you for guidance.
when will u release facebook pixel video tutorial ?

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Amazing Tips

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Dhanesh Shedale

Great article, But how you use PPE ads pixel for WC ads?

    Mubaid Syed

    A pixel is common for all the ads.. You can use the same pixel for everything.

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