Simple trick to find out which Interests are targetable on Facebook

Facebook Interest Targeting

Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing one simple but very effective technique.

We all know that we do our Interest research on Audience Insights right?

Based on the Interest we put in Audience Insights, we get relevant suggestions from Facebook.

Its really helpful.

But the problem with this is - Not all Interests suggested by Facebook are Targetable on Facebook.

So.. What we do is - 

We try each suggested interest MANUALLY,
and hope that it works and is available for Targeting on Facebook.

It takes a lot of time and sometimes can get frustrating.


Now.. there is a simple solution.

Someone has developed an amazing extension for Chrome.

Using that extension, we can easily see in our Audience Insights itself
whether the Interest is available for TARGETING or not.

Pretty Cool, right?

It will save us a lot of time and efforts in manually checking each interest.

I love it.

Here, I have explained it in detail in this video.

Its awesome right?  🙂

Feel free to email me for any doubt / query on

See you in the next tutorial.. 🙂

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Mubaid Syed

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Hello my friend, how’s it going with your video? cannot see it

    Mubaid Syed

    There was some temporary glitch Khanh.. It has been resolved now.. 🙂


hi bro, i watching each and every video of you. Just awesome and effective. I need help, I had ppe ad of my tshirt and target the audience,but not one tshirt had sold. I exactly follow your steps,but no use bro….
Please help me bro, i had no job, i want success in this business like you bro…

md. pintu sk

awesome targeting tutorial!! Thank you

    Mubaid Syed

    Thank you so much.. 🙂

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