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Selling 1000 t-shirts in a Day on MyDreamStore & how I did it – Case Study

Hello hello awesome people, So, I have been away from MyDreamStore for 2 months. Came back, started small, worked like crazy for a week to get the momentum back. Launched tons of new campaigns. Launched hundreds of ads. And so happy to cross 1000 t-shirts a day Goal Yesterday.. Woohhooo! T-Shirts Sold Yesterday – 1073 Profit […]

Don’t fall in love with your designs.. Common mistake people make!

Hello awesome people, This is a quick blog post about a very important topic I want to share with you. While going through MyDreamStore Campaigner Connect Facebook page, I saw that many people have spent Rs 3000-4000 in ads on a particular design without making significant sales. Even I faced this problem many times. I […]

Learn to Use Facebook Retargeting – Double Your TShirt Sales Hey guys, hope you are doing awesome.. 🙂 Today, I will be showing step by step tutorial on how to run a retargeting ad on Facebook and double your t-shirts sales on MyDreamStore. If you are selling on MyDreamStore and have some successful campaign, use retargeting ads and quickly scale the number of sales. What […]

Free Giveaway – My Exact Targeting for selling to Doctors.. Worth Lacs!

Hello awesome people, Today, I am doing something Crazzzyy..!! I am giving away for FREE – My exact targeting for one of the ad sets which sold more than 300 tees/hoodies targeted towards Doctor.. No changes done, nothing hidden. I have been relaunching this campaign for months and each time its turning out to be […]

Power of just 5 Good Campaigns. A Lesson to Learn!

Hey guys. How are you all doing? So, I started this goal for myself to launch 100 campaigns in Feb month but sadly I wasn’t able to meet that target. I got stuck in some personal tasks and couldn’t launch 100 campaigns. So I started feeling bad about myself as I had made huge profits […]