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You just need ONE Successful Campaign..

Hello guys, It’s been a long time I posted on the blog. I have been away from MyDreamStore for past 2 month due to some personal reasons. I went through a tragedy. A tragedy everyone faces at some point in his/her life. Well, I got married.. :p   That means bachelor life is over. No more […]

Selling 1000+ Tees of a Single Design – Quick Case Study

Hello, hello awesome people. Today I want to show you a Quick Case Study of a Single Design which I have been selling for past 3 months and have sold more than 1044 t-shirts  & hoodies. The campaign is still going strong and selling 100-200 tees in a week.     As you can see, […]

Power of just 5 Good Campaigns. A Lesson to Learn!

Hey guys. How are you all doing? So, I started this goal for myself to launch 100 campaigns in Feb month but sadly I wasn’t able to meet that target. I got stuck in some personal tasks and couldn’t launch 100 campaigns. So I started feeling bad about myself as I had made huge profits […]