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A New Experiment and Breaking the Records..

Hello friends, Recently I did an experiment with MyDreamStore’s feature of Storefront which allows users to create a separate page of storefront where you can host multiple designs and it gives you a unique link which can be shared with others. Whenever someone visits that link, they will see all the designs added to that […]

Free Giveaway – My Exact Targeting for selling to Doctors.. Worth Lacs!

Hello awesome people, Today, I am doing something Crazzzyy..!! I am giving away for FREE – My exact targeting for one of the ad sets which sold more than 300 tees/hoodies targeted towards Doctor.. No changes done, nothing hidden. I have been relaunching this campaign for months and each time its turning out to be […]

Selling 1000+ Tees of a Single Design – Quick Case Study

Hello, hello awesome people. Today I want to show you a Quick Case Study of a Single Design which I have been selling for past 3 months and have sold more than 1044 t-shirts  & hoodies. The campaign is still going strong and selling 100-200 tees in a week.     As you can see, […]

[Update 1] Launch 100 Campaigns

Challenge – Launch 100 campaigns in Feb 2016 and blog the learnings and results Hey guys, so turns out I am lazier than I thought. To meet the 100 campaigns challenge and be profitable, I should be launching at least 5-6 campaigns daily. So far, I have launched just 5 campaigns. Here are the results […]

Challenge – Launch 100 Campaigns in Feb 2016

Hello.. hello… Hope you all are doing awesome and launching cool campaigns. If you have read my previous blog (600+ successful campaigns), I had mentioned that I love to keep the most crazy targets for myself and work hard to achieve them. After the amazing results of Jan month, I got a little lazy and did […]

How to Come Up with Ideas for T-Shirts Designs..

Making a campaign successful is easy.. unless we overcomplicate it. Sometimes, I see people making the whole process so complicated. You don’t need to make it too complex. After launching 600+ successful campaigns, I have realised that the simplest of ideas, simplest of designs, simplest of targeting sells the best. So, how do you select […]