Specific or Generic Facebook Page? Which works best..

Generic vs specific facebook page

Hello friends,

I have been getting lot of questions asking if its better to use a generic Facebook page or Specific Facebook Page for selling t-shirts?

Generic Facebook Pages are something like ‘Awesome T-Shirts’, ‘Limited Edition T-Shirts’, ‘Cool T-Shirts’

They are having a general name which is not related to any of the niche or domain. You can sell any type of design using such pages.

Specific Facebook Pages are related to a particular niche or domain or a particular field. The audience in this type of page is mostly related to that niche.

Examples could be ‘Chess Players in India’, ‘I love Cricket’, ‘Biggest SRK Fan’ etc.

Which is Best for Selling Tees?

A Generic Page works fine in most of the situations. It doesn’t affect your ads or anything to use a Generic Page. When starting out, I started with Generic Pages only. If you are just starting out, don’t think much, just create a Generic Page in 5 min and get started.

However, if you have a design related to a niche which has a very large audience, and you feel you can create multiple designs for that audience, you should create a Specific Page.

Suppose you launched a campaign for Lawyers, I would create a Facebook Page with name, ‘Lawyers are Awesome’ or ‘Cool Lawyer T-Shirts’ and promote my designs from that. Because I know there are lacs of lawyers in India. And if this design become successful, I will launch another design after a month targeted towards Lawyers.

I will keep posting interesting content related to lawyers on that page so that this page attracts all the lawyers. The fan following built this way will have all the lawyers on my page. So, the next time I launch a design, I can just post the design on the page and through Facebook’s organic reach, I will get Free Promotion, since most of the people on that page are lawyers.

Get it?

If you have a bigger niche and you feel you can sell to them again and again? Then its better to create a specific page for that audience to build the most interested audience on that page. And only building the audience is not important. You have keep them engaged.

And if you are just experimenting and not sure if that audience will buy or not, or the audience is not that huge, then use a normal generic page with any name and just focus on making sales. Name won’t affect the sales or ads at all.

The only advantage of specific page is to build a long terms fan following with that particular niche and gather related audience.

Hope it was useful to you.. 🙂

Feel free to email me or reach out to me for any queries.

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Tyrone Yeahman

This is very useful thanks for the info was wondering which would be best and you answered my question sir

    Mubaid Syed

    Good to know it helped.. 🙂

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