How to Come Up with Ideas for T-Shirts Designs..

How to come up with ideas for t-shirts

Making a campaign successful is easy.. unless we overcomplicate it.

Sometimes, I see people making the whole process so complicated. You don’t need to make it too complex. After launching 600+ successful campaigns, I have realised that the simplest of ideas, simplest of designs, simplest of targeting sells the best.

So, how do you select which design to promote? or which niche to select for campaigns?

This is the FIRST STEP in launching your campaign and the MOST IMPORTANT one.

Lot of people make this mistake. Even I used to follow similar practice.

Here’s how it works –


Step 1 – Design a t-shirt

Step 2 – Try to find audience via targeting to sell it


If you are following the above sequence, you are wasting a lot of time like I did initially.

The correct sequence should be –


Step 1 – Find which designs are already selling OR 

Find out the most passionate audience who wear t-shirts.

Step 2 – Make a design for them and sell it


Get it?

Making a successful campaign does not depend on how cool the design is. Its all about ‘Is there audience in a particular niche who wants to wear t-shirts or show off their love for that niche’

Think of it this way.. Our ultimate goal is NOT to make a cool design but to make t-shirt sell. Doesn’t matter if the design is good or bad. Ultimately it should sell, right?

So, the first thing we should focus on is to find out which people love to wear t-shirts? Which people are crazy about their niche? Which people love to show off that they love something?

Then you go ahead and make a design for them. And you know it will sell well because you have already found out the most passionate people who love to show off about their niche.

So, how do you go about and find those passionate living souls?


Here are some tips you can use –

What is Already Selling?

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Go through the online stores who sell t-shirts. What kind of t-shirts they are selling? What niches they are targeting? If online stores are selling t-shirts to those niches or people that means people are buying from them. That means there is a demand for such t-shirts. See, you got a readymade set of audience to make design for. Simple trick.. 🙂


Begin with Yourself

You are a human being. What do you love? Ask yourself, if you rub the Alladin’s lamp and that Genie tells you that he can design any kind of t-shirt you like, specially for you, what would you like to wear? May be you want to show off that you are a doctor. May be you want to show off that you are the biggest Tennis fan. May be you want to show off that you love Video Games. If you want to wear it, chances are there are lakhs of people like you who share same interest and would want same kind of t-shirt.

So, starting with yourself is the best thing.


Look Around

Ask your close friends, what kind of tees they would want to wear. One of my most successful campaigns which made me more than 1.5 Lacs single handedly was inspired from one of my friends. He is the biggest Roger Federer fan and would always watch his videos, read about him. So I asked him if you want one t-shirt about Roger Federer, what would you want to wear. He told me a quote. I made a design on it, targeted fans of Roger Federer and BOOOOM.. More than 1.5 Lacs profit from that single design.


Successful Campaigns

This is like gold mine. Most people think if its already targeted, why should we try again? First of all, the Indian population is huge. Doesn’t matter how aggressive marketing has already been done to them, there will still be lakhs of people who might not have bought that t-shirt. Target them with different design, different style.

Second, if the campaign is successful, you know that these people have money to buy the t-shirts and they love to wear tees of their niche. It validates everything. Make a new design and target them.


Facebook Insights

This is a gift from Mark Zuckerberg to all advertisers around the world. If you don’t know about it yet, start learning. It gives information about any topic which is worth GOLD. You can easily test out which topics have how many interested people, male/female, age group everything. I will be sharing a tutorial on the same very soon.. 🙂


Google Keyword Planner

This is an advanced technique. You can find out what people are searching on Google the most. It gives exactly how many searches of a particular term was made on Google in a month. Pretty awesome to know what people are searching for.


Pinterest / Instagram / Google Images

Most used portal online for sharing images. Just type whatever market you want to test out and you will see tons of images of t-shirts being shared here. If no one has shared anything, that means people are not so passionate about that niche.

You can also try following sites to search of already selling t-shirts or find niches.


So, the summary of article is –

First Step of launching a successful campaign is to find the MOST PASSIONATE people about something, anything. Doesn’t matter if the audience size is small. Find the most passionate people and make a design for them. It should definitely sell.. 🙂

I will go into more details in coming articles.

Hope it was useful to you guys in some way.

Feel free to write to me or comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.



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    MDS is currently active in India only. But you can use other platforms like Teespring, ViralStyle etc for selling to entire world. All the concepts and teachings remain the same.. 🙂


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