Target Achieved – $3,628 Sales Made Live in 14 Days!

king kong target achieved

In the previous post, I mentioned my crazy plan..

The plan to start from absolute ZERO and go to at least $2,500 in Net Profit LIVE, selling t-shirts online.

I invited people to join me in this journey and I recorded every single click I made, every single button I clicked while explaining what I am doing and why I am doing it.

The goal was to share with people that print-on-demand can be a very lucrative business model if you just be a little creative and do things differently.

I did it using the concept of ONLINE EVENTS.

It's something I invented and have been using for selling huge number of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs in a short period of time.

So, the concept and strategy is -

  • You select a Profitable Niche
  • Create an Online Event for that niche
  • Run Ads to the event page and take registrations
  • Warm up the leads using email marketing
  • Talk to them and take feedback and ideas about designs
  • Create products, designs to sell during the event
  • Launch the Event
  • You already have warm audience waiting 
  • Make huge sales..
  • Enjoy.. 🙂

So.. I started with ZERO.

Created a brand new Facebook Page, Brand New Facebook Ad Account.. and recorded everything I am doing.

Everyday posted a new video on what I am doing, my thoughts, my strategy, the ads I am running etc.

The Result on 14th Day?

Total Revenue - $3,628

Total Expense (including FB Ads) - $926

Final Net Profit - $2,702

Check out the detailed report here..

It was truly an amazing experience.. 🙂

And the great thing was a lot of members who joined to see me do this live, implemented the exact steps and achieved amazing results.

Online Events is such a great way to sell thousands of products in a short amount of time. It works based on the concepts of curiosity, reciprocity and utilises the organic social sharing and hence the ROI is insane.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, you can find all the details here - Project King Kong

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That's it for now..

See you in the next post.. 🙂

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