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TShirt Profit Academy How to sell tshirts online using Facebook Ads

Remember, the glorious 9 Step System I mentioned earlier?

Yup. Its the same in above picture.

Now, you might be thinking - 

"Huhh... What's so special in this?

Everyone knows we need to follow this pattern.

And you said we just need 4 components to make a campaign successful? Where are those? "

Well, I'll explain the 4 components in a minute..

but before that, 

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these 9 steps, my friend.

It looks like common sense but not many people follow this.

Most of the queries I get on email, asking - 

I ran this design but its not working out, please suggest.

First thing I ask -

did you do Niche Research before launching the campaign?

Did you researched -

What is the audience size?
What do they like / dislike?
Their favourite websites?
Do these people have money?
Do they hangout on Facebook?
Do they click on ads?

And most of the time, answer is NO.

Most people follow this approach - 

Make money selling tshirts online

An idea comes to mind..

This is perfect, they think. People will love it.

Next task - unleash the artist within and..

Spend few hours or a day designing a perfect t-shirt.

Then launching the campaign.

The campaign is live.

Now, time to tackle the bad boy - Facebook Ads

Let's find some targeting.

And let's launch the ads.


The problem?

many times, 

While launching the Facebook ads, we get stuck.

Why? Because we can't think of whom to target?

We spend some time on it.

Sometimes we find good targeting.

And sometimes, 

We realise, its hard to find good targeting for that niche.

Now, since we have already done so much work, right?

We made the design, 

Launched the campaign.

Let's run the ad. Without perfect information.

And that is why my friend, people get failed campaign.

The correct approach should be like this - 

Make money online selling tshirts using Facebook Ads on Teespring and Mydreamstore

Makes sense?

Just think about it.

I will give couple of minutes..

Got it?

Its simple..

If we do the audience research..

before even making the design,

before even launching the campaign on Teespring or MDS,

before even doing anything..

We can save a lot of time and money if we come to know that the audience doesn't buy online..


only Females in that audience wear t-shirts.


there is no laser targeting available for that niche.


there can be many many things we could find out in the research..

And using that information, we can even make our design in a way that will attract those users.

And if you cannot find proper targeting for that audience?

No point going through trouble of even designing the tee.


We save tons of time..

And move on to the next idea.

Still confused?

No problem, I will teach this in detail when you join the FREE COURSE.


Lesson 1 - Four Components in Detail

A detailed video talking about 4 components in detail and things to keep in mind before even doing anything.

Lesson 2 - Finding a Profitable Niche

Here's how to come up with profitable ideas everytime. How to do reserch on audience before designing the t-shirt.

Lesson 3 - Designing the T-Shirt

Things to keep in mind before designing the t-shirt. Don't know designing? Use my list of top designers to outsource.

Lesson 4 - Types of Facebook Ads

Different types of Facebook Ads and which one to use when? We dive into PPE, CTW, WC and Video View Ads.

Lesson 5 - All about Laser Targeting

My personal strategy to find laser targeting for any niche in quickest time possible. This single lesson is worth gold.

Lesson 6 - Facebook Ad Strategy

What shoud be initial budget? When to kill the ad? When to scale the ad? My exact strategy for testing the design.

Lesson 7 - How to Scale Winning Tees

What to do when you find a winning campaign? Scaling strategies you can use and scale from 10 to 100 sales a day.

Lesson 8 - Sell 100 tee a Day-Easy way

This is the last and very interesting lesson. Learn how top campaigners sell 200-300 a day. It will blow your mind.

Ohh.. Almost forgot..

Remember the 4 components talked earlier?

I will send you that as a first lesson when you join.

Its the basis of everything else we do from here on.

You will love it :-)

Ready to learn?

Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy

P.S.     See you on the other side  :-)

Oh, and here's a random screenshots. Just for showing off.

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