Give Invisible Border Effect to TShirt Designs in Adobe Photoshop

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Hello friends,

You all know about the awesome Facebook Group we have right?

If not, please stop reading and join the group already. 

There are more than 1000 members in the group from different backgrounds, different countries, having different experiences.

And we are having some amazing discussions daily.

We are all learning a lot from each other.


One of the members, recently posted about a t-shirt design he saw online.
And he wanted to know how did that designer achieved the effect in the design.

Let me attach the image here.

Tshirt profit academy

Can you see how the designer has made the text 'IS THE' ,
which is cutting through the design above it. The white design?

Its called Invisible Border Effect.

And if implemented right, it looks amazing.

So.. I went ahead and recorded a short video on, how to achieve INVISIBLE BORDER EFFECT for t-shirt designs.

Its a short 10-15 min video, teaches you step by step process.

And I have also designed 2 t-shirts on the spot for showcasing how good it can look if implemented right.

You can watch the tutorial here.. 🙂

Ohh... one more thing..

I am working on a short Step-by-Step Designing Course as well... 🙂

Designing is such an important part of Selling T-Shirts Online.

Sure, we can outsource the designs to other designers. But for how long?
In the long run, you will end up spending a lot of money.
And always waiting for designer to complete the design.

If you are serious about selling t-shirts online or any Print-on-Demand business, its very important to learn at least the basics of Designing.

So, for the Premium Members for TShirt Profit Academy, I am adding the course for FREE..  🙂 🙂

Alright friends,

Hope this short tutorial was helpful. Do let me know if you want me to make more such tutorials.

Talk to you soon..

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Mubaid Syed

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waht happend to your youtube channel?

    Mubaid Syed

    There was some temporary glitch Roshan.. It has been resolved now.. 🙂

nilam cahudhary

This article was really helpful, and the video was really great thanks for sharing

    Mubaid Syed

    You are most welcome.. 🙂

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