How to target people having Birthday soon..

Facebook Target people having birthday soon

Hi Guys, hope you are all doing awesome and selling tons of t-shirts.. 🙂

Today, I was talking to one of my friends who wanted to know how to target people who are having birthday in the current month. Its an excellent technique and can be used creatively to sell huge number of t-shirts.

You can go crazy here and experiment different quotes like –

1 – Legends are Born in February

2 – Everyone is Created Equal. Only the Best are Born in February

3 – The Coolest Doctors are Born in February

Some sample designs –

born in february tshirt born in february tshirt

Hope you get the idea. The possibilities are endless. You just have to think creatively.

Now, How to target people born in February using Facebook Ads?

Simple –

1. Go to Facebook Ads

2. Select the Ad Type as per your choice (PPE / WC / CTW) I recommend using Boost Your Posts (PPE Ad) to begin with

Facebook Ad Types

3. Enter Country – INDIA

4. Select Age Group you want to target (Suggestion : 18-30)

Select Age and Gender

5. Now there are 2 methods to target people with birthdays coming soon.

Long Version :

Detailed Targeting -> Browse -> Demographics -> Life Events -> Upcoming Birthday

Short Cut Version :

In Detailed Targeting -> Type ‘Upcoming Birthday’

And the option will be shown directly. Select that and it automatically targets people who are having birthday within a week.

Facebook Ad targeting upcoming birthday

Next steps are standard ones. Setup your budget, ad set name etc and Boom launch the campaign.

Isn’t it simple?

The good thing, you can keep selling this type of t-shirt every month for entire year. Just keep changing the design every month.. 🙂

Hope you guys find this tutorial useful.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments below.

See ya,

~ Mubaid

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Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!

neeraj dalvi

i like the niche. i have tried to create a design based on information.


you have to take care with this because in the last week of march you will target people whos brithday is in april…

    Mubaid Syed

    Good point Arthur.. Of course, you cannot use this in the last week of month because it will overlap with the 1st week of next month.. 🙂


does upcoming birthday need intersection or narrow down with some other interest or one can simply use upcoming birthday.

    Mubaid Syed

    Hey Harshit,

    If your design is simple one like LEGENDS ARE BORN IN JULY, then no need of any intersection. You can directly select the UPCOMING BIRTHDAY interest.
    If your design is something like LEGENDARY DOCTORS ARE BORN IN JULY then you will have to do an intersection of DOCTORS and UPCOMING BIRTHDAY.. 🙂


      What would be the conversion rate be like? I am already running a canpaign and getting 3.00 int a click but haven’t got any sale. Engagement is good too people are liking a lot.

        Mubaid Syed

        Hi Nikita,

        Rs 3 is cost per click or cost per engagement? If its CPE, then its very high. If its CPC, then its decent.
        Are you getting only Likes or Shares and Comments as well.
        The sign of a good design is people Sharing and Commenting on it.

prakash roy

thanks for sharing this sir.

    Mubaid Syed

    You are most welcome Prakash.. 🙂


If I give ad today that’s june 11th , can i put ad for legends in July tees.

Neha Saraf

Thanks for sharing sir.

    Mubaid Syed

    You are most welcome Neha.. 🙂


Has Facebook banned this now? Because all of my ads are being disapproved now

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