Selling 1000+ Tees of a Single Design – Quick Case Study

1000 tees campaign

Hello, hello awesome people. Today I want to show you a Quick Case Study of a Single Design which I have been selling for past 3 months and have sold more than 1044 t-shirts  & hoodies. The campaign is still going strong and selling 100-200 tees in a week.


Selling 1000+ t-shirts on MyDreamStore


As you can see, as of today, I have Sold 1044 t-shirts of this design.

I had launched this campaign on 10th December 2015. Exactly 3 months ago.

[table] Week,Tees Sold,Profit Earned
1,159,Rs 47024

2,313,Rs 89408

3,54,Rs 17185

4,16,Rs 4597

5,215,Rs 71737

6,214,Rs 77312

7,73,Rs 25318


Total,1044,Rs 332581

1000 tees sold case study

As you can see, I launched this campaign on 10th Dec 2015.

In the 1st week, it sold 159 tees generating Rs 47,000 in profit.

Once I knew the campaign was successful, I started applying all my scaling strategies which I mentioned in my FREE CASE STUDY earlier. You can read it here if you missed it. Click Here To Download 

2nd week, it sold 313 tees generating Rs 89,000 which was almost double of 1st week. It was pretty impressive. I scaled it using my advanced scaling methods as much as possible. So within just 2 weeks, I had made close to Rs 1.5 Lacs profit from a single design.

But in the 3rd week, it dipped to just 54 tees. As you all know, after some days, the sales start to go down, Facebook starts charging more and more for ads and it becomes difficult to maintain positive ROI. I tried my best using the strategies from my case study, I started separating the ad sets by gender, by age.

I started doing Re-Targeting, Custom Audiences. Still I wasn’t able to pick the sales numbers.

In the 4th week, it got worse and I sold only 16 tees. Now it was a perfect time to Kill this campaign. I tried everything but the numbers were not going up. Still I was very happy that I had made more than Rs 1.5 Lacs from a single design in a month.

But a part me knew that this design has more audience. Till now I had sold only 500 Tees. Out of Lacs of people in India who are passionate about this niche, I could reach to only 500 people? Means there are still thousands, lacs of people who haven’t bought it yet.

So I took a week off. And started doing more research on this niche. What all websites, forums, blogs these people visit? What all they like or follow? I spent 2-3 days studying about this niche, to get into the shoes of those people. And I came up with some Interest Ideas to target.

Next, I relaunched the campaign with those NEW INTERESTS and Boooooom. It sold another 215 tees making Rs 71,000 profit immediately next week. And since then it has been making 200+ tees every week.

And the great thing is, this design is still selling well for me. More than 1000 tees sold, more than Rs 3.3 Lacs in profit. Its so awesome!!

Unbelievable! That’s why I keep telling, one good design can set you up for life. One successful design will make up for up everything. And if you have found a successful design, you have hit a gold mine, you just need to know how to scale it.

And most important, DON’T GIVE UP.

Even if you are finding failed campaigns in the beginning, its all a learning. All this will be useful to you later. Keep trying, keep launching, keep learning and One Good Design will cover up everything 🙂

I will make a detailed case study on this design very soon.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this short case study. Feel free to reach out to me, email me. I would love to help anyone who is struggling with campaigns.

You can reach me on

Talk to you soon,

~ Mubaid

About the author

Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!


Hi mubaid,

Very interesting to red all your stories.Could you suggest me how much should spend perday for good going niche?

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks a lot Aruna.. 🙂
    I usually spend Rs 300 per day per ad set to begin with.
    Once it starts selling well, I keep adding Rs 100 per day per ad set until I keep getting positive ROI..


      Thank you 🙂

        Mubaid Syed

        You are most welcome.. 😀


          Can I start it from Bangladesh selling to Indians?

          Mubaid Syed

          Yes bro.. You can start from Bangladesh as well.. 🙂
          Many people are doing campaigns from across the world.


Bhaiya. If there is someone on earth who keeps on inspiring me to standup and keep going despite several failed CAMPAIGNS is Yoooou 🙂 Running towards success, I really dont know how does it taste 😀 Thanks.

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks Rayyan.. 🙂
    You will find the success soon. Keep trying, keep learning. Let me know if I can help somehow.


Hi sir,

I’m from Kerala.Which Is the payment methods for Facebook ads.I have Only ICICI Debit it Possible??

    Mubaid Syed

    ICICI Debit Card works fine with Facebook Ads.. I am using the same.. 🙂


i have applied for your case study book ..but not getting on my mail id !

can you please send it here :

    Mubaid Syed

    I have just emailed you.. 🙂
    Hope you receive it..

Akash Modani

Can you please send it to my email id also @ Mubaid.. Thank you.

    Mubaid Syed

    Sure Akash..
    Sending you right away.. 😀


Can you please send your Case Study on 🙂



    Mubaid Syed

    Hi Krimo,

    Right now I am only selling in India. But the same principles are applicable everywhere.

Prakash patel

Hello Sir have you any Course ? i am interesting learn from you

    Mubaid Syed

    Hi Prakash,

    I will be launching a very detailed video tutorial course where I will teach everything I know step by step. It will be launched in couple of weeks.. 🙂


Hi Mubaid

i wanted to ask if in this business does one need a website?

    Mubaid Syed

    Hello Eddie,

    No.. You don’t need any website for this business. 🙂

    You just need to create designs and run Facebook Ads. Rest everything is handled by platforms like Teespring or MyDreamStore


Sir you said that you sold 159 tees..and your profit is 47024 /-that means you earned 295 /- on per T-shirt sale….
How can it possible..?

Can you please explain.. I’m confused…..

    Mubaid Syed

    Hello Patil,

    Its t-shirts plus hoodies combined. Initially MDS had lower base costs for products like Rs 260 for tees and Rs 560 for Hoodies.
    So keeping Rs 300 margin was totally possible for hoodies.. 🙂

asif mallick

hi ,
sir, u are really incredible entrepreneur. i want you to send your case study so i learn something very importantly .
and is it possible to sell more than 4000 tees in a single month as a starting region ?


need some advice for my product which is unique
please share your contact to my email id –


Could you please send the case study to it would be really helpful

Shahbaj khan

sir i using only two colors in MDS
but website shows
that i using more than 4 colors
sir please tell me how to solve this problem
sir i also E-mail you
sir please tell me

    Mubaid Syed

    You need to email them and they will fix it.. 🙂


Hi Mubaid,

Can You provide the case study, which you mentioned in the article?

Download link is not working.

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