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- Are the people really Passionate about the niche? 
- Do they hang out Online? Are they available on Facebook?
- Do they Spend Money buying stuff online?



- People do not buy the t-shirt. They buy the Feelings.
- Does the design make them feel Proud?
- Does it make them smile?



- Most important thing for Successful Facebook Ads
- Showing ads to the most interested people
- Broad targeting? Best way to lose money in ads



- How much Budget to start with?
- What Parameters to Track while running ads?
- When to Stop Ads and when to add more budget?

Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy

So, you love the idea of selling t-shirts online.

Its New. Its Fun. Its Profitable.

You get the FREEDOM.. of being your Own Boss.

Work from anywhere you like.

The extra income is sure handy.

For a good lifestyle or to support your family.

For that expensive watch you always wanted.

That new phone you have been reading about.

You see lot of people sharing screenshots in Facebook Groups.

150 t-shirts Sold..

231 t-shirts Sold..

Heck.. someone just posted doing 1047 t-shirts..

In a Day..

How crazy is this?

I did it.. Not once, twice.. Many times..

TShirt Profit Academy Mubaid Syed Learn how to make money online selling tshirts on MyDreamStore and Teespring

So, you put on your thinking caps.

Make a beautiful design..

or For people born in April..

or For people interested in Cricket..

or For doctors..

You launch it. And you run a Website Conversion ad for it.

The wait begins.. 

You check every couple of hours.

Every Facebook Notification makes you jump.

Constantly refreshing your Teespring / MyDreamStore dashboard.

Lot of people liking your design.. You are happy..

Any minute now..

You should get an email that you made a sale..

People are Liking the image on Facebook.


73 Likes.. Some comments..

But No Sale.. 

What happened? It's strange, right?

Day has gone.. $5 spent.. Rs 250 spent..

And only Likes..?

You wait for another day. 2 things happen.

1 - Still no Sale. You Kill the Ad
2 - You start getting sales. Happy Dance.

But what to do next?

Should you add more budget to it? Should you let it run?

Should you kill the ad and save the money?

1-2 sales isn't going to help you.

You need 5 sales to make your campaign successful.

Else, it will not be printed.

And the money spent in ads so far goes for loss.

You know that. I know that. 

But why is no one buying after 1-2 sales?

Its the same ad. Same copy. Same image.


Isn't it a rollercoaster ride?

I have been there, my friend. I know how you feel.

Relax. Its common.

Every top campaigner has gone through this phase.

The initial phase is the hardest.

That's why most people give up after few campaigns.

And I don't blame them. 

There is so much information out there.

Its confusing. Its overwhelming.

Doesn't actually relate to you.

But only few don't give up. They learn. They experiment.

I did. I failed. Lost lot of money initially.

Made mistakes.

But was determined to learn. To make it work.

Giving up was not an option for me.

After months of sleepless nights and failed campaigns,

I realised all we need is a step-by-step system.

And that's what every top campaigner does.

They make their own system.

Which works for them.

And they follow it for every campaign.

Every single one!

No more confusion. No more overwhelming.

I built my own system. 

It must be complicated, right? Hell, No.

In fact, you know most of it. Already.

Just that its not organised in your head. 

And the system works. It worked for me.

MyDreamStore All Time TShirt Sales Earnings
TShirt Profit Academy Mubaid Syed Learn how to make money online selling tshirts on MyDreamStore and Teespring

And.. It works for everyone I teach.

It gives them clarity. Its very simple.

Just follow everything I teach, step-by-step.

And you are good to go..

TShirt Profit Academy Success Story

TShirt Profit Academy Mubaid Syed

So... What is this secret sauce?

Its nothing complicated, actually. 

Most people who share tutorials online, just share..

Do this.. then Do that... Then Do this...

No one talks about the Psychology behind the sales.

Most important thing in selling anything online is..

Getting into the shoes of your buyers..

Knowing what they know. Feeling what they feel.

And as I mentioned above. Did you see those 4 boxes at top of page?

You just need 4 important components for a successful campaign!

Yupp... Just 4.. Trust me.,

Everything else if secondary.

Well, There are actually 9 Steps.

9 Steps which I follow for every single campaign of mine.

and It all starts with Finding a Profitable and Passionate Niche.

Ready to learn?

*No email sign-up needed..

Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy


Entering T-Shirt Profit Academy may lead to side effects such as getting high rate of successful t-shirt campaigns, not losing unnecessary money in Facebook Ads and constantly coming up with new ideas to launch campaigns on.

Just saying.