Secret Trick to know Exact Facebook Targeting used by Competitors

Know Exact Facebook Targeting used by Competitors

Hey guys,

As we all know the most important part of Facebook Ads is TARGETING. If you can crack the proper laser targeting, you can do wonders with Facebook Ads. Showing the t-shirts / hoodies to the exact targeting audience who are most likely to buy is the best way to sell thousands of t-shirts on MyDreamStore or any other platform.

We are bombarded by Facebook Ads on our news feed daily. Every time I see an ad, I wonder what kind of targeting they might have used so that Facebook is showing this ad to me?

Imagine if you could find out the exact targeting used by others. Wouldn’t it be amazing? I mean, you can see what is the targeting being used by BIG PLAYERS. Not even campaigners who are selling t-shirts. I am talking about what McDonalds is using, what TITAN is using, what APPLE, AIRTEL, SAMSUNG is using. This will be too good to be true. Because, they are huge companies, they have huge budgets. They have social media teams who work day and night to find out the laser targets for their ads and work day and night to optimise their ads.

Accidentally, I found out a way.. 🙂

So, the next time you can see a Facebook Ad in your news feed, click on the small arrow on TOP RIGHT corner of the Ad. It will give you an option “WHY AM I SEEING THIS?”

Click on it and Boooom… You get the detailed info on the targeting they are using, the demographics being used to run the Facebook Ad. Information worth thousands of dollars, for free.. 🙂

Here is an example –

how to spy on competitors on facebook ads to sell online

And these are the details Facebook showed me. Pretty interesting stuff.

Spy on Facebook Ads Targeting

Let’s see one more example –

Find out the Facebook Ads Targeting of your competitors

And these are the details Facebook showed me. Awesome, right?  🙂

Find out the Facebook Ads Targeting of your competitors

Go through the video above where I have gone through many examples live and did some analysis on if the particular Targeting is good or bad or how it can be improved.

Note – Keep in mind, Facebook doesn’t allow you to use this feature any number of times. I guess they have limit of some 5-6 times you can use this feature in a day. Then they just block you from this feature for 24 hours. So, use wisely.

Hope this was helpful to you guys.

Feel free to write to me on for any queries, doubts, suggestions etc.

See you next time.. 🙂

~ Mubaid

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I’ve been following your blog for some time and I recently launched my first campaign Legends are born in December. The design is good but didnt sell. Could you help me ?

    Mubaid Syed

    Hello there,

    I am launching a very detailed case study tomorrow on birthday campaigns.
    I am sure it will be very helpful.. 🙂

    Will send an email to all the subscribers about it..

    Ron Brown

    Shifty little trick. Will this work on the competition spying link for teespring in Facebook

      Mubaid Syed

      Yes it works for Teespring as well.. 🙂

md. pintu sk

This is a very helpful tutorial for us.And Ware grateful to you sir

    Mubaid Syed

    Glad you loved it.

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