TShirt Profit Academy



My Personal 9 STEP, EASY TO FOLLOW System,
which removes all the confusion and walks you through the Exact Steps to Profit from Print-On-Demand business!
(even if you are an absolute beginner...)

I'd like to show you how you can start selling t-shirts online..

...even if you are a complete beginner.

...even if you are not a designer.

...even if you don't have any experience with Facebook Ads.

And i'll prove to you its not complicated and works for anyone willing to learn.

Print-on-demand is one of the hottest online businesses right now. Its great because you don't need to own the inventory or print t-shirts or dispatch them or worry about customer care. 

You just design and promote the t-shirts.. and collect profits.. :)

People are designing and selling t-shirts in every possible niche.

Phishing, Nursing, Sports, Lawyers, Doctors, Gaming... you name it..

I have personally sold more than 34,000 t-shirts last year 

in different niches.

Hi, I'm Mubaid Syed, founder of T-Shirt Profit Academy.

I have been selling t-shirts for more than 5 years now. Initially through my own startup LazyNinja (online t-shirts brand) and now using Print-on-Demand.

Selling for my t-shirts brand has given me enough exposure and experience to rock the print on demand world..

Here's what I was able to achieve last year..

Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy

All this, just by selling t-shirts online to different niches.

I have sold to Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Consultants, HR, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Music Lovers, Guitar players, Drum players, Painters, Pilots, Book lovers. And so many others niches.

Without even printing or owning a single t-shirt myself.

Awesome, isn't it?

But how am I able to constantly come up with new ideas, designs and be profitable with Facebook Ads?

Let me share a quick story..

How A Simple T-Shirt Design Saved Me 

From Going Back To 9-5 Corporate Job After I Could Not 

Raise Funding for My Startup..

(Spoiler Alert - After 8 Months, I Ended Up Generating the 

Same Amount Which I was Begging the Investors for..

“Hi Prashant, please let me know if there is any hope for us? ”...   I sent the first SMS.

“Hi Nilesh, Any update? Looking forward to a positive reply”....   sent 2nd SMS.

And, I waited.

I waited for a response from any of the angel investors.

The talks have been going on for months.

I gave hundreds of presentations, made countless Excel sheets..

Future projections, past statistics, 2 years plan, 3 year plan..

This was getting frustrated. 

** TING ** the phone rang.

With trembling hands, I picked up the phone,

“Sorry Mubaid, we don’t think there is much traction right now. Please get back to us after 6 months. Keep us posted. Good luck”

** TING ** another message.

“Hey buddy. I am afraid, we’ll have to pass on this opportunity for now. Good luck. Let’s stay in touch.”

My heart felt heavy!

I just wanted to smash the phone. The lump in my throat made it unable to speak and I was trying really hard to control my tears.

I fell on the bed thinking, Its Over. I am done.

I am done running after investors.

I am done with this startup thing.

Did I fail everyone? My parents, friends, myself?

I didn’t had any money left. Friends have been helping out for past couple of months.

But that only piled up to my existing loans.

Education loan, credit card debt, company debts, personal loans.

There was no other option but to take up a corporate job which I had quit 2 years back to do something of my own. I was screwed. I would shiver every time I got a call from the Bank when I miss my education loan EMI.

After hours of sulking and feeling helpless, I opened laptop and typed in Google,

‘Resume Format for Applying to Jobs’.

While I waited for it to load, browsing through my Facebook Feed,

I saw an ad from MyDreamStore – 

"Create & Sell T-Shirts without any Inventory."

Baaaam! A bulb lit up in my head.

The biggest problem in my startup was, I didn’t had money to buy inventory

So.. I though of giving this a try.. and I launched my first campaign. 

Wanna see the design?

Yupp... It was this simple.

It could not get any simpler than this. Sometimes people make this mistake of creating the most complex designs. 

But in reality, the simpler the design is, the easier it can sell. I'll explain WHY in a bit.

But, this simple design took off and I started getting sales..

The next thing I did was launched another design for ENGINEERS - 


And what happened? .... NO SALES..

I launched one more design - TRUST ME I'M AN ARCHITECT

Result?......      NO SALES..

I knew something was off.. So I spent next few days learning everything I could about Facebook Ads, Targeting, Scaling etc. 

I went through every possible blog post, YouTube video, website article learning about selling t-shirts online and started applying to my campaigns.

Experimenting every single day!

and slowly.. I started to observe a pattern.

I decided to go all in..

I searched on Google - List of Professions..

and I started launching 5-6 campaigns every single day.

Same design, same color, same tagline, just changing the profession.

I became obsessed with it..

I'd test the design for 3 days. If it gives positive ROI, I'd keep it running else kill it. At a time, I'd have 30-40 campaigns running simultaneously. It was insane!

I kept a target of earning $2000 in a SINGLE DAY and worked really hard for months to achieve it.

I even participated in different t-shirt selling contests and won First Prize.

And since then I've been Selling T-Shirts Online Full Time
and Teaching Others How to Do the Same..

After launching thousands of campaigns and selling more than 34000+ t-shirts in a year, I developed a step-by-step system for myself which I follow for all of my campaigns now. 

I started teaching it to others and people started getting Amazing Results..

and many many more..


Wanna learn how it all works?

The 4 Big Secrets Behind A Successful T-Shirt Campaign

People believe that Facebook Ads is the most important thing for selling t-shirts online. And they focus all their energy in creating ads after ads..

WRONG Strategy..

In reality, you need 4 things to come together...

Secret #1: Find a Niche which is Profitable and Passionate

This is where most people go wrong. They come up with a design idea, and immediately create a campaign and start running ads to it.


The following approach doesn't work.

The problem with above approach is - If YOU LOVE something doesn't mean other people will love it too. You are spending time in designing a t-shirt, launching a campaign, designing FB Ads creatives.

And when you are about to run Facebook Ads, you realise, you can't seem to find good targeting for this design.


You realise female are most dominant gender in that niche and your design is targeted towards male audience.

Many things can go wrong here.

Instead, here's what I and my course members do - 

Whenever we get an idea, WE DO THE NICHE RESEARCH FIRST.

We want to see if that niche is Profitable or not?

And we gather following information without even designing the t-shirt first - 

  • Are these people really passionate about the niche?
  • Are they available on Facebook for targeting?
  • Do we have some targeting available for them?
  • Is the audience size big enough for us to scale the winning t-shirts?
  • Is it male dominant or female dominant niche?
  • What's the most active age group?
  • Which websites, blogs, communities they visit?
  • What do they like / dislike?
  • and many more things....

Does it make sense? And now when we create a design for them, we know it will work because we have so much information about that niche.

This helps us save us a lot of money on Facebook Ads.. :)

Does this research takes time?

Absolutely Not... You can do a quick research in less than 15 min..

Secret #2: Creating an Attractive and Calling Design

  • Why do people buy t-shirts from us?
  • Why do some designs make people take out their credit card immediately and some doesn't get any attention?
  • Why do some t-shirts go viral and some just eat up our Facebook budget?
  • What separates a good design from bad?

If you are thinking the more attractive the design is, the better it will sell.

Let me burst the bubble -

It has nothing to do with the graphics or the colors.

The answer is very simple.

You need to see it this way...

People are not buying a piece of cloth from us. 


They are buying how does the design make them feel?

A good design should - 

  • Makes them feel PROUD
  • Makes them LAUGH / SMILE
  • Makes them go, "Wowwww.. this is sooo me"
  • Makes them want to SHARE it with their friends

People love to SHOW OFF what they love, what they are passionate about - Their hobbies, passions, job, profession, things they like, things they hate, their favorite characters, favorite movies, favorite sports..

The more you make them feel proud, the easier and faster they will take out their credit card for you.

The graphics are not as important as the Message.. Focus on the Message..

Secret #3: Finding the Facebook Laser Targeting

The No. 1 reason Facebook Ads fail = bad / broad targeting.

Laser targeting means - Showing the ads to the MOST RELEVANT audience.

Remember, people will only buy our t-shirts if they are really really passionate about that niche, right?

Still, people make this mistake..

If they are running a t-shirt for Yoga lovers, they will put their targeting as YOGA - which is too broad.

If you are using targeting like below, your ad is bound to fail -

yoga, tennis, knitting, badminton, book lovers, coffee lovers

Why? Because if we use the above targeting we are reaching out to everyone in that niche. Doesn’t matter if they are crazy passionate about that niche or not.

In every niche there are 2 types of fans -

  • Type 1 - Who LIKE that niche. Think its NICE
  • Type 2 - Who are CRAAZZZZY about that niche

Type 2 are those audience who -

  • browse WEBSITES related to that niche 
  • join FORUMS in that niche 
  • have posters of CELEBRITIES on their wall 
  • join COMMUNITIES, FB GROUPS related to that niche
  • buy MAGAZINES in that niche 
  • buy MERCHANDISE online related to that niche

Makes sense? We want to show our ads to Type 2 audience. And we do that using THE ONE THING Trick I teach in this course.

Secret #4: The Proven Facebook Ads Strategy

I get hundreds of emails daily and here are some of the most asked questions - 

  • What budget should we start with?
  • Which type of ad is best? Engagement ad / Conversion ad / Click ads?
  • How much to spend in testing 1 design?
  • How to analyse the ad reports?
  • When to kill the ad?
  • When to add more budget into my ad?
  • I got lot of engagement on my ad, but no sales. What to do now?
  • I got 60 Likes.. but no sales.. What should be next step?
  • How long should my ads be running before I close them?
  • I got 2 sales.. now how to scale it?
  • I get 2-3 sales daily but yesterday it was No Sales. What went wrong?

When I started with the t-shirt business, I had the same queries.

And for each query, I used to search online in forums, blogs, videos, asking experts. So, I can relate to how frustrating it can get not knowing these little details.

And that's why building an Ad Strategy is very important.

Every top t-shirt seller his own strategy developed which they follow for all their campaigns. Because without it, it will become very chaotic when you have 10-15 ads running at the same time.

I teach people to not spend more than 3 days and $15-20 in testing 1 design.

Then I give them a cheat sheet of the stats to look at. At the end of the 3 days, compare your ad reports stats with the cheat sheet. 

If your ad stats match the cheat sheet, there are further instructions on how to proceed. If it doesn't match, kill the ad.. save your money and analyse what went wrong.

This way, you never waste money in testing designs.

There are fixed set of rules, I developed after launching thousands of campaigns and now I just follow those rules step by step. 

At no point, you should feel confused on what step to take next. You should know exactly what initial budget to start with, how to read reports, when to kill the ad, when to add more budget etc.

You can imagine how easy it becomes when you have a proven guide to follow at each step.. :)

And now when you know the 4 Secrets of Selling T-Shirts Online, you might be wondering...

"How Can I Get Started with Online T-Shirts Business?"

Well, you have 2 simple options..

Option #1 - You can figure out everything by yourself..

Sure, you can definitely do that.

There are thousands of resources online. Blogs, videos, articles. Its good that all that information is free but it can quickly get very overwhelming and confusing following hundreds of people and tutorials.

Plus, you will have to experiment everything you learn by spending your own hard earned money. Analyse those experiments, see what worked, what did not work and slowly build your own strategy.

If you have a lot of time and ton of cash to experiment with different things and you are ok with losing money in Facebook Ads while experimenting, you can definitely take this route.

Or else...

Option #2 - You can invest in a step-by-step, comprehensive, proven training which shows you exactly what to do, when to do and how to do it..

I am all about saving time and money. If something can save 6-10 months of my time and can start earning me income without having to go through the struggles and headache of figuring out everything on my own, I will gladly invest in that program, if its provided by a genuine mentor.

And that's exactly my course T-Shirt Profit Academy is all about. Its a step-by-step proven and systematic training which takes your hand and teaches you everything you need to know about selling t-shirts online which has proven to work for me as well as hundreds of my students..

You might be wondering..

"But What If I'm Not Good at Designing?"

Great news! You don't need to be. If you can just look at a design and say if its attractive or not, that's all the skill you need.

The most important thing is the MESSAGE on the t-shirt.

Plus, most successful t-shirt sellers don't design t-shirts themselves but outsource it so that they can focus on coming up with new ideas and marketing.

I will show you exactly how to do that and even provide you a list of top designers who will create designs for you in less than $10

"But What If I'm Not Good at Facebook Ads?"

Well, it just makes it whole lot easier to teach you.

Even if you have never run a single ad in your life, don't worry. The course has everything in extreme detail to teach you Facebook Ads the right way.

And by the time you finish the training, you will be a master or running Facebook Ads. And its not just me saying, its from the feedback of hundreds of happy students.

Having said that...

I am so happy to introduce you to...

Introducing T-Shirt Profit Academy

TShirt Profit Academy

T-Shirt Profit Academy is the Proven, Step-by-Step course which will take your hand and show you every step you need to take to master Online T-Shirt Selling Business..

... even if you are not a designer.

... even if you have never run Facebook Ads before.

... even if you have never sold anything online, ever.

Inside this training I teach everything I know about selling t-shirts online. All the secret tips and tricks, all my strategies to test the design in as low budget as possible.

Here's what you can expect inside the course..

  • More than 60+ in-depth detailed video lessons
  • More than 20+ hours of amazing content
  • The exact strategies I used to find a Profitable Niche
  • How to create a design which sells easily
  • How to test the design without wasting money in Facebook ads
  • How to Scale up the winning designs quickly
  • Ready to use, Done for you Mockups and Templates as Bonuses

Now, let me show you what exactly you
 get inside the course..

Module 1: Introduction to 9 Step System

Also, most people give up quickly because they don't know a step-by-step approach of this business.

So, we will learn my Personal 9 Step System which removes all confusion and you just need to follow it step-by-step for amazing results.

We will also see my journey and what I have learned and realised after selling more than 34000+ t-shirts in past year. 

Module 2: Finding a Profitable and Passionate Niche

Its very important to get the First Step right. If we don't have a Passionate & Profitable niche, doesn't matter how good the design is, it will fail. So, we will learn how to constantly keep coming up with Profitable Niche ideas.

Niche Criteria - Learn what to look for in a niche so that we don't waste money in Facebook Ads showing our designs to people who are not interested in buying.

Starting with Yourself - If you love something, chances are we can find thousands more with similar passion. Simplest and most profitable way to get started with a niche. I'll show how.

Spying on Competition - Use this Secret Ninja Trick to uncover what others are selling online. Spy on their designs, ads, niche, ad copy and hijack their research so that we're always 1 step ahead.

Ride the Trend - Only the top campaigners know the power of this technique. I'll teach you how to see what's trending in the world and use it to sell t-shirts. Remember the Pokemon Go craze? Millions of people got addicted to it. Those who knew this technique sold thousands of t-shirts to that audience. 

Secret Websites & Power of Facebook - Here we'll learn about the top websites I use to spy on what's already selling, find the best sellers and see what's popular online so that we spend our time and money only on the winners and remove all the guess work. You will never run short of Niche ideas.

Module 3: Creating a Design which Sells Easily

Remember, people are not buying the t-shirt, they are buying the design - the emotions it generate. 

Best Practices - Don't make another design without learning this. I see hundreds of designs and it make me so sad seeing the most common mistakes people make in their designs. We don't want to make a design just for the sake of it. We need to include some critical points in each design so that as soon as people see it online, they jump to take their credit card out. 

Generic Vs Scalable Designs - If you ask me to share 1 secret to my success, it will be this one. Learn how powerful scalable designs are and how you can create just 1 design and scale to 20 different niches. 

Search for Designs - Our aim is to launch as many profitable campaigns as quickly as possible. Don't waste time designing everything from scratch. Use these strategies to quickly find design ideas and focus more on marketing & profit generation.

Don't Know Designing? Good news, you're not alone. I'll teach you how to outsource and get quality designs at cheaper cost. Or if you want to learn designing, I'll show where to start. Now you don't have any reason to not make amazing designs!

Module 4: Launch the Campaign

Got the niche and design nailed down? Time to launch the actual campaign. Not so fast my friend.. Having the right elements on your product page makes a world of a difference.

Choosing the Platform - Learn to choose the right platform for you from hundreds of print-on-demand sites. We don't just want to look at the profit margin but also the delivery cost, delivery timeline, reputation in that country and much more. We'll learn all here.

Let's Launch It - Time to actually launch the product the right way. Learn what headline to chose, how much duration, what description to be written.

We don't want the people landing on our page to leave without adding to cart or buying. So don't slack off here. Write the description which answers all of their questions and add scarcity. It makes a lot of difference. 

Don't worry, we'll learn it all here.

Module 5: Setup Facebook Pages and Pixels

Find Pixels, Custom Audiences confusing? I feel you

Most tutorials online teach only about how to create custom audiences, how to setup pixels etc. We teach what exactly Pixels are how do they work? What's the algorithm behind it?

Facebook Pixel - Let's bunk all myths about Pixels and use it in the most easiest way to our advantage. See how they work and how to set it up for any business. 

Custom Audiences - Collect all your audiences in one place. Someone visited your product page? Save them into a custom audience. Someone added the product to cart? Save them into another custom audience. Someone Added to Cart but not bought the product? No worries, we'll save them into a Custom Audience and retarget them. See how powerful it is? You will be able to do all this.

Facebook Pages - Learn about Generic Vs Specific Facebook page. Do we need LIKES on the page before running ads? Should the page target only 1 country or multiple ones? What should I post on my page? I get these questions everyday. We'll learn this all.. :)

Module 6: All about Facebook Laser Targeting

Most Facebook Ads fail because of Broad / Bad Targeting.. 

We will see WHY in this module..

Understanding Targeting - Its important to understand how targeting works on Facebook, how it arranges audiences in different buckets and what algorithm is followed to show our ads to the audience. And this shows us why Broad targeting doesn't work..

3 Types of Targeting - Demographics Targeting, Interest Based Targeting and Behaviour Targeting. We need to chose the right type of targeting as per our design. Most people just focus on Interest Targeting & miss out on hundreds of sales. 

The ONE THING Trick - I can easily charge entire amount of course for this one lesson. Its that much powerful. Once you understand this, you'll never ever go wrong about Facebook Targeting, be at any niche, any business, any objective.

10 Minute Technique - Use my personal technique to find Laser Targeting for any niche in less than 10 minutes, guaranteed.

The Alphabet Test - This is where advanced stuff kicks in. Use it to find targeting which 99% of people are never discovering so that you always stay ahead of others and reach out to maximum audience in your niche, making our ads extremely profitable.

Module 7: Let's Master Facebook Ads

Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads is here..

Types of Facebook Ads - Understand the key differences between Engagement Ad, Click to Website Ad and Website Conversion Ad and which one should be used in what situation. We break the common misconception here. Most people chose wrong ad type at wrong time, hence leading to failed ads. 

Facebook Ad Structure - Understand the relation between Campaign, Ad Set and Ads with real examples

Let's Launch the Ads - Watch me create each type of ad LIVE and see how I create ads for maximum results while explaining every step in extreme detail.

After this module, you will be able to launch right type of ad for not just t-shirt business but for any business.

Module 8: Analyse Reports and Test the Design

In this module, we will learn how to READ and ANALYSE Facebook reports. After learning this, you will be able to know exactly who is taking action on the ads. Are they Male/Female, are on Mobile/Desktop, how much we're paying per click, per engagement, which age group is taking the most action.. etc..

You see how powerful this is? Once we can read this information, we can easily take decision whether to kill or scale the ad. The possibilities are endless. And can you believe most people ignore this?

Testing the Design Blueprint - Learn my personal strategy to test any design in less than $15-20. With this blueprint, you will know exactly what metrics to look at, when to stop your ad and when to keep it running. No more wondering or confusion. 

Just compare your ad results with the blueprint and you will know what to do..  This way, we don't waste money in Facebook Ads and find a winner in cheapest budget and quickest time.

Technical Vs Logical Analysis - Here I give you 2 analysis strategies so that after running ads for 2 days, you can quickly find out whether its a Design Problem or Targeting Problem and modify your campaign accordingly.

Module 9: Scaling Techniques to 10x the Sales

Scaling is where the actual money is made. The first ad we launch is just for testing the design, niche and targeting.

Most people give up after the first ad dies down. Or they don't know what to do once they make 40-50 sales. Scaling is where we convert 10 sales to 100 and 100 to 1000.

In this modules, we learn 8 Advanced Scaling Strategies to scale the winning design from decent sales to crazy high numbers.

  • Scaling Upwards & Sideways
  • Retargeting Ads the right way
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Ads Cloning
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Video Slideshow Ads
  • CTW and WC Ads
  • Manual Bidding

With these techniques you can you can keep scaling your winning design until the entire audience is exhausted and there's no one else left to buy.

Plus, You get Insane Value BONUSES


Along with the crazy education you get from the modules above, I decided to create some insane bonuses for you which can help you get the results faster.

I looked at what all things I can create for you which you can just take implement and it can help you save time and energy.

And these bonuses are the results of that.

These are perfect Icing on the Cake..

BONUS #1 - Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course

(Value - $149)

I noticed the biggest concern people having when starting with Print-on-demand business is

"I am Not Good at Designing"

So.. I decided to create a mini course on Mastering Adobe Photoshop for Designing T-Shirts.

Its a Short, Crisp, Value Packed course which teaches you how to quickly create Stunning Designs in Photoshop even if you have not opened the tool ever before.

You learn how to use the tools, colors, fonts, shapes, layers and everything else..

BONUS #2 - Ready to Use High Converting Ad Templates

(Value - $297)

These are the exact templates and mockups I use for all of my ads and have been converting really well for me.

How did I come up with these templates? 

I settled for these templates after almost 3 years of testing, experimenting and optimising the ad copy and ad images.

Now, I am giving it in the course as a bonus so that you don't have to spend time in creating ad images. 

Just put in your design on the mockup and its ready.

Ad mockups available for Engagement Ads, Conversion Ads, Retargeting Ads as well as Video Ads.

BONUS #3 - Facebook Ads Scaling Blueprint & Cheat Sheet

(Value - $297)

This is something I had created for myself.

When I was running 30-40 campaigns at a time, it used to become very hectic and overwhelming managing all the ads and monitoring the reports.

So.. I created a system for myself which helps me take quick decision whether to stop the ad or scale it.

Everyone struggle with these questions - 

  • when to increase the budget?
  • when to start retargeting ads?
  • when to create lookalike audiences?
  • how many days to wait before killing an ad?

This blueprint removes all the confusion and you just need to follow - Step 1 -> Finish it -> Step 2 -> Finish it... go on..

It makes whole thing a piece of cake!

BONUS #4 - Access to Private Mastermind Facebook Group

(Value - $199)

Get lifetime access to the Private Facebook Mastermind Group where you can connect with hundreds like-minded t-shirt entrepreneurs from across the world.

Ask questions, get help quicker, share what's working with you, your experiences and doubts, learn from others' experiences.

And most importantly, you get direct access to me.

Got any question? Just post it in the group and either someone from the group or I will personally help you out.

BONUS #5 - Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

Facebook keeps changing their algorithm and Ads Manager layout every 6 months or so. Based on the changes by Facebook, the strategies also change.

What worked 2 years back doesn't work now.

And that's why I keep updating the course whenever Facebook releases some major update. 

You get FREE Access to all Future updates of the course so that you never miss out on what's working in Facebook Ads RIGHT NOW.

Additional Bonuses

BONUS #6 - List of 200+ NICHES to Brainstorm and Target

Not feeling like researching on new niches and want to get started as quickly as possible? No worries, Just take out this list, select the niche you like and get to work..

BONUS #7 - List of 22 Evergreen Scalable Design Ideas

Here's a list 22 Top Selling Evergreen Scalable Design ideas to brainstorm and use for your own designs. Remember, ONE scalable design idea can be expanded and used for more than 20 different niches.

So, with this list, you will never run out of design ideas to sell to.

BONUS #8 - List of Top Designers on Fiverr to Outsource your designs

Don't want to spend time in finding reliable designers to outsource your designs to? No problem, just take this list of Top Recommended Designers, go through their profile and select the anyone you feel is right fit for you.

If You Can Say Yes to Any of These 

Questions, You're a Perfect Fit for 

T-Shirt Profit Academy

Question #1 - Are you looking to start your first Real Online Business and e-commerce, print-on-demand, selling t-shirts online excites you?

Question #2 - Have you been learning about selling t-shirts online, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Teespring but getting overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Or afraid of jumping into this business model without proper knowledge?

Question #3 - Have you tried selling t-shirts online before with little or not much success? And you don't know where you are going wrong?

Question #4 - Are you already selling t-shirts online via Shopify store or using sites like Teespring, Teechip, MyDreamStore and you need to scale up your business to crazy numbers without losing money in failed Facebook Ads?

Question #5 - Are you are an artist and good at designing and you want to sell your designs via t-shirts to the world?

If you can say YES to any of the above questions, T-Shirt Profit Academy is perfect for you.

But don't just take my word for it..

See what others are saying..

These are just few of the hundreds of members who trusted me as their mentor as and I am so happy to see such amazing results from them.

You see, I believe in giving value first. I believe in teaching without holding anything back. I am No Guru and I am not perfect. But what I do best is, whatever I learn, I teach it wholeheartedly and people love that.

I know this course works, these strategies work because there's no better feeling than getting a Thank You email or a testimonial every single day.

And that's why I am happy to provide..





I strongly believe that the stuff inside T-Shirt Profit Academy works. It worked for me and it worked for hundreds of others who trusted the system.

However, not everyone is same. After going through the course, if you feel like it's not right for you. Just email me within 15 days of purchase and I will issue the full refund to you. No questions asked.

Why do I have this Risk Free Guarantee?

Because believe that if I cannot provide you amazing value, I don't want to keep your money as well. Plus, I can understand how scary it can be to invest your hard earned money. 

So, I want to make it as Risk Free as possible. Try the course, see if you like the teaching style. If you love it - Great, let's make some amazing sales together.

If not, no problem - ask for refund within 15 days and we will stay friends.

Now, the only question remains is -



  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Personal 1-1 Coaching:   50 minute 1-1 Skype calls   (Total 6 calls during 3 months) tailored towards your goals and plans. We go over your pain points and draft an action plan to tackle each week.
  • Weekly check-in on the progress and clarification of doubts, if any.


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • Priority Access to New Tutorials


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • 2 Months Payment Plan. $179 / Month


Got any questions about the course? Below I go over the most common ones. If you still have any more questions, feel free to email me on mubaid@tshirtprofitacademy.com and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.. :)


You don't need to be a designer. Most top sellers don't design themselves. They either hire someone or outsource it. I will show you how to and where to outsource the designs at cheapest cost. 

And if you want to learn, I am adding Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Course as a bonus so that you can learn all the basics of designing and quickly get started.


Well, that's why this training is so great. Even if you have never ever run a Facebook Ads before, after going through this course, you will master everything about running Facebook Ads.

Its not theoretical course. Its fully practical and hands on course. You see me create ads live. And you just need to replicate what I am doing.


Great question. I will show you exactly how to find new design ideas which will be profitable. I'll share exact techniques I use to constantly keep coming up with new profitable ideas quickly. And it doesn't take a lot of time. 


The course is all about not losing money in Facebook Ads and testing the design in less than $15-20. Not gonna lie to you but you need to spend at least $15-20 in testing one design. With the techniques we learn in the course, you will be able to find winning designs much faster than anyone else.


No. You can start selling from anywhere in the world. I am from India and I have students from different regions including Bangladesh, Germany, China, US, UK, Italy and across the globe.


Of course, the course is not just limited to t-shirts. You can sell necklace, jackets, poster, watches, mugs, keychains and much more. The opportunities in POD are limitless. And concepts in the course are applicable for everything. 


You get immediate access to all the course material. You can go through the lessons on your own pace. All the bonuses are also available right away so that you can take quick action. You also get access to Private Mastermind Group where you can discuss with fellow marketers and ask questions.


Well, the chance of that happening is very rare because I hardly get any refund request. Still, I want you to have 100% peace of mind. If you don't like the course by any chance, just email me within 15 days of joining and I will issue the full refund for you. No questions asked.


Of course, once you join, we become good friend.. :)   I am always hanging out in the Mastermind Group. For Standard and Pro package, you get access to me via Facebook Group and reasonable email access. And for Rocket package, you get to have 1-1 mentoring via Skype Calls.

So.. Ready to Change Your Life?


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Personal 1-1 Coaching:   50 minute 1-1 Skype calls   (Total 6 calls during 3 months) tailored towards your goals and plans. We go over your pain points and draft an action plan to tackle each week.
  • Weekly check-in on the progress and clarification of doubts, if any.


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • Priority Access to New Tutorials


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • 2 Months Payment Plan. $179 / Month


Warning: It'a long list... 

and many many more...

Hundreds of Testimonials Cannot be Wrong...

Let's do it...


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Personal 1-1 Coaching:   50 minute 1-1 Skype calls   (Total 6 calls during 3 months) tailored towards your goals and plans. We go over your pain points and draft an action plan to tackle each week.
  • Weekly check-in on the progress and clarification of doubts, if any.


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses          (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • Priority Access to New Tutorials


  • 60+ Video Tutorials
  • 20+ Hours of Content
  • Insane Value Bonuses (value $999+)
  • Ready-to-use Ad Mockups
  • Cheat sheets & templates
  • Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt Designing Course
  • Lifetime Mastermind Access
  • Lifetime Course Updates
  • 2 Months Payment Plan. $179 / Month

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