Crazy Experiment – Going from 0 to $2500 in Profit in 20 Days!

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Today I am going to share with you something really crazy!

I have been selling t-shirts online for past 4 years now. And this is the first time I am sharing this trick online.

Its a unique method I developed which allows me sell more than 2000 t-shirts within 10-15 days starting absolutely from ZERO.. πŸ™‚

Its something no one else is doing anywhere. Excited?

I call this - Project King Kong : Event Launch MasterClass 

Crazy name right? 

In this post, I will be sharing - 
1- What is this Event Launch thing?
2- How does it allow us to sell 2000 products within 10 days?
3- The psychology behind this technique
4- My results with this strategy
5- My plan for next 20 days

Shall we start?  

A Story

It was late 2015, and my startup LazyNinja had down recently.

I had started doing campaigns on MyDreamStore and was making decent 30-40 sales a day. Though I was making some money, I was putting everything back into Facebook Ads.

I did not had enough money to rent a home to live in.

So, I was staying in my small office cubicle. Why I kept the office even when the startup got shut down?

Because I had not told my parents about it.

They still thought I was doing great in my startup. And I had no stomach to tell them and get them worried. And I had hundreds of unsold t-shirts lying in the office.

So... I just kept the office for name sake if my parents ever visit and started staying there, sleeping between cubicles.

Everyday, whole day, I was watching Online Marketing videos. About Facebook Ads, Teespring, Selling TShirts Online and implementing those in my MyDreamStore campaign.

I had no plan of what to do next. I was just drifting with the wind. 

Anyways, its a long story for some other point.

So, I had hundreds of unsold t-shirts lying in the office and I wanted to sell them off quickly. Every year we used to participate in Comic Con event and put our stall there. This year as well, I decided to participate one last time and get rid of all the t-shirts stock.

So, I took a stall in Comic Con and priced the t-shirts extremely low to make the sales. At this point, I needed money at any cost.

Mubaid Syed TSHirt Profit Academy

The event went good. Sold off all the t-shirts but did not make much money since I sold it off at half of the cost price. 

And officially said Bye Bye to my startup. It was brutal. I cannot explain in words how it felt.

So, while coming back from the event to Hyderabad and sitting in the bus and I got a message from SBI Bank. 

The thing was, I had not paid my Education Loan EMI for past 1 year or so. And the dues and interests had piled to more than Rs 150,000 ($2500)  They gave an ultimatum if I do not pay the dues within next 20 days, they will take a legal action against me.

F*****K... I was doomed. There was no money with me to clear it off. I cannot tell my parents because they still think I am doing great. Was scared to reach out to friends as I had already taken up loans from them.

I was sitting in the bus, 1 AM, everyone around me was sleeping peacefully. And I started sweating even in the AC bus.

Should I run away?
Should I just disappear for a  month and fake my own kidnapping?
How about robbing a small bank?  Ocean's Eleven style
Selling my MacBook and iPhone was always an option

(my monkey mind was throwing all sorts of crazy ideas now)

What should I do now? 2 AM. I got an SMS from Comic Con India representative.

"Thank you for making Comic Con a huge success. Hope you had amazing sales."

The only person made huge money was Comic Con themselves, I though to myself. So many visitors, so many stalls, sponsorships. They generated tons of money before even launching the event.

And a crazy thought hit me. Let's do a Comic Con Event in another city. Initially I rejected the idea, thinking another crazy thought.

But.. Then I started thinking. It could work. I can run some Facebook Ads, generate leads and organise a small Comic Con in Hyderabad. Collect the Ticket fee. Could this really work? I will invite all t-shirt companies to have their stall.

Yeahh.. but it was all not possible in 20 days.

And then it hit me.

What if, I make the COMIC CON ONLINE??

Crazy Idea. But could work. 

Instead of having other companies' stalls, let me put my own t-shirt campaigns for sale. Let's do all the contests live. Quizzes, Games, Giveaways.

Oh... I can reverse hack the Comic Con formula.

 3 AM.... and my mind suddenly started running faster than the speeding bus.

It was dark and everyone was fast asleep. An uncle was snoring loudly right behind my seat giving a nice rhythmic dramatic background music to my situation.

I pull out my phone and frantically started typing all the crazy ideas.

click click click click..
click click click click...
click click click click..

5 AM... I was about to reach Hyderabad and I was ready with the initial plan.

I was so excited that I just wanted to reach my room (office) and start working on it ASAP.

Well, it involved spending money upfront. But I thought, I am already in so much debt. What's more Rs 20,000 ($300) to it?  Let's do this.

Here's the plan I came up.

1- Select a Passionate Niche
2- Create a Landing Page about an Exclusive Online Event 15 days from now
3- Send Facebook Ads traffic to that page
4- Collect Email IDs
5- Start Email Marketing and getting them engaged
6- Send them interesting content. Increase FB Page followers
7- Build assets like Custom Audiences, Pixels
8- Ask them What Designs they want to see in the Sale? Get them ready
9- Organise fun contests online. Build Virality. Build hype around coming event.
10- Launch the event (which is nothing but a sales page with all my designs requested by users so far)
11- Watch the sales roll in

Crazy plan right? Worked on it for 10 days straight.

Sleeping only 3 hours per day. I became a zombie. Hardly eating anything. 

If this thing doesn't work, I am going back to my parents' home. And will take up some job, any job.

Ideally, I should have done it earlier only and not be miserable for such a long time.

But I wanted to try this out for the last time. If it works, either I am the craziest genius or the most Stupidest Idiotic person to spend the last money in Facebook Ads instead paying to bank. We'll soon find out, I kept telling myself.

Launched the Event. Moment of truth. 

Want to see the result of the first event?


Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy


Crazyyy... 7671 Products Sold.. 
Facebook Ad Spent - $500
Profit Generated - $25,000

I did not bother to even calculate the ROI.

It worked. I did not know whether to cry or be happy. But it worked.

First thing, got rid of the office, rented a home to live in like a human being. Paid of the EMI. And I was ready to invest more in MyDreamStore.

Pheeeeeeewww.. Crazy right?  The gamble paid off.

Now, I have got the framework.

I selected another niche and repeated this after a month for the 2nd event.



Selling TShirts Online Teespring Shopify

Now I knew, it wasn't a fluke.

And since then, I did this Event Thing 5 times since last year.

Here's Event 4 and Event 5.. Every time a different niche. Every time, kept on improving the Event.

Learn to sell tshirs online on Teespring, MyDreamStore, Shopify
Sell TShirts Online on MyDreamStore, Teespring and Shopify

And again...

This Event Launch thing along with regular t-shirts campaigns has helped me reach more than $100,000 (Rs 65,00,000) profit in less than 1 year.

This is one of my ultimate tricks. And now its wide out in the open.

Now... Why I am writing about it now?


I am doing this Event for a niche for the 6th Time. And you have a chance to join me in this 15-20 days journey.

I am doing to start the work in 2 days. And here's what I have planned.

I will start from absolute ZERO. A brand new Facebook Ads Account, A brand new Facebook Page.

I will record everything I do for 1-2 hours daily and share with you.

We will have a group call every 2-3 days to discuss my strategies and work together to make it more awesome.

Every single step I take, even the smallest ones like buying domain, creating ad design will be recorded. Nothing hidden. Nothing secret.

You learn as I do things. Over my shoulder and suggest me things, if any.

We launch the event together. And.. here's the crazy part..

My Aim is to Generate at least $2,500 in profit in next 15-20 days.
If I am not able to generate this profit, I will refund every single penny you invest in joining this LIVE Class.

You keep all the training videos for FREE.

So, its a ZERO RISK learning program πŸ™‚

Plus, I will share all the templates like Email Template, Ad design templates which be READY TO USE for yourself. Just plug n play and you are done.

Its one of a kind experiment. No one has ever done such kind of course.

But hey.. Crazy is my middle name.. :p

I am sure I will hit that profit mark. Even if I do not meet this goal, it will be great learning experience and a fun project work on with you. Right?

So.. I am taking limited people in this class.

Ohhhh.. and after the event is over, I am gonna bundle all the videos and sell it as a course for $600 

If you are interested, you join me LIVE for half the price.. πŸ™‚

>> Click here to Join the Risk Free LIVE Challenge with me <<

Once the event work starts, there will be no more registrations.

Ohh... I also did a whole video on this. You can watch it here

Got any questions about the LIVE Class? Feel free to email me on

Some FAQ I got after the video on Facebook -

1- How much Ad Spend I will be doing for this?

I will try to have 400-500% ROI. So expect around $400 in ad spend to generate $2500 in profit. But we will see as the event goes.

2- Where will you sell the products?
The event will be exclusive to India. Because that's what makes it exclusive. I promote it as INDIA'S FIRST xxxx EVENT. So its better to focus on one country. Also, Facebook Pixel will get optimise faster for one region.

3- Does it work with International Market also?
Of course, it can be replicated for any market, any region. You are not limited to just t-shirts, you can use the concepts and sell any product or service. The core principle of this project is. Generating Leads upfront, then getting them engaged and excited about the upcoming launch or event or sale. And ask them what they want and give it to them. By the time event arrives, they are already sold and ready with their credit cards.
So this can be replicated for any region and any product.

4- Should we start working with you in parallel?
You can. But I would suggest to let this event be a learning experience for you. Participate in its growth. Observe what I am doing closely, take notes and give your own suggestions. Let's work together to make it a grand success. And once its done, take all the learning and implement in your own launch. If you try to learn and do at the same time, it can get overwhelming. But choice is yours.

5- Will you support us in our launches?
Of course, I will help you out in your launches the best I can.. πŸ™‚

6- What about your existing TShirt Profit Academy Course?
The TShirt Profit Academy Course is the ultimate course on selling t-shirts online. It teaches everything from start to finish including how to find right niches, how to design t-shirts, Facebook Ads, Targeting, Scaling and much more. Its best to make amazing sales every day. This course is about launching Events. A one time quick Event Launch for any product, not just t-shirts. You can use it to launch your own Service, your own brand store, a new information product. Its not limited to just t-shirts. Event Launch course teaches about different concepts of Online Marketing like a bit of Lead Generation, landing pages, a bit of Email Marketing and combining these things to make a one time quick sale. Events can be repeated once every 2-3 months if you find the right niche. For consistent daily sales, TShirt Profit Academy Course is the right choice.

7- Is this course right for Everyone?
Although anyone can take the live class and learn these things BUT... 
I would not recommend this class to people who are not having good expertise in Facebook Ads. Because in this course, I will be not be going into the details of different types of Facebook Ads, the Basics of Ads, how to launch FB Ads etc. 

So, if you have not made online sales yet using Facebook Ads, I would not recommend this course. TShirt Profit Acaο»Ώο»Ώdemyο»Ώο»Ώ course is more suitable for that. This class takes things to the next level. Taking the learning from TShirt Profit Academy course and implementing them in a project.


If you are ready to join me on this crazy journey, here is the link - 

>> Join the Risk Free Live Challenge for 50% OFF <<

See you inside.. πŸ™‚

~ Mubaid

About the author

Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!


Hi Mubaid, do I have to buy a landing page, I saw on shopify that you can get an app?

And how do you create excitement for your product?

Thank you


Wow! what a brilliant strategy yet again!

    Mubaid Syed

    Glad you loved it.. πŸ™‚

Joe Latter

Hi Mubaid, was this campaign a success? I am interested in buying it but the price is a bit high, is there anyway i can get a better price? Thank you for your time my friend.


That’s a genious idea!

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks Mariyam.. πŸ™‚

Daw Reg

How did it go? Can you give price discount?

    Mubaid Syed

    It was a huge success, we achieved the goal on Day 14 itself. Please email me on for more details and any price discount.

Fahim Sarkar

At First I Give You A Lot Of Thanks For Your Broad Mind To Helping Others People,But Its Not Broad Targeting ….Like Md.Ali…Just Kidding.Because Nobody Never Helping In The World,Its True You Helping Your Targeted Who Want To Need Help.I Want Future You Will Help And Teach Me Everything.Thanks, Thanks A Lot, Again.

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks Fahim.. πŸ™‚
    I believe in helping others as much as possible. This is the best way to grow in any field.


Hey Mubaid!
I came across your website yesterday and within last 24hours I have gone through each and every post of yours.
Your story must have been inspiring for many.

BTW i have a lot of questions to ask you.But if you’re reading this now, can you just please let me know for the time being the dimensions (width x height) in px to be used for designing the tshirts.

Will be waiting for your reply!

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