Challenge – Launch 100 Campaigns in Feb 2016

Launch 100 campaigns in one month

Hello.. hello…

Hope you all are doing awesome and launching cool campaigns.

If you have read my previous blog (600+ successful campaigns), I had mentioned that I love to keep the most crazy targets for myself and work hard to achieve them.

After the amazing results of Jan month, I got a little lazy and did not launch as many campaigns as I wanted. But just realised, its time to get back to work.

So I thought of doing something crazy. I decided to challenge myself to launch at least 100 unique campaigns in the month of Feb 2016.

I know, I know, 4 days have already passed and Feb is just 29 days. So I am left with just 25 days. So to achieve 100 campaigns’ goal, I should be launching at least 4 campaigns per day. Hmmm, Difficult but not Impossible!

Challenge Accepted

100 campaigns in a month – Challenge Accepted

Of course, my focus will be launch only the quality campaigns and not just launch them for the sake of launching. So, here are the targets –

No. of Unique Campaigns – at least 100

Success Ratio – at least 50%

ROI – at least 70%

Most Imp – Don’t loose money. Become Profitable at the end of the month. Even if by small margins!

Platform to useMyDreamStore (they have added lots of awesome products recently)

I feel it will be a fun challenge. At least it will keep me motivated.

I will document the entire journey of 25 days on this blog. So, make sure you subscribe to the updates!

If anyone interested, feel free to join me in the challenge.

Even if not 100, you can keep the target as per your convenience. Let’s motivate each other and achieve this goal.

Drop me an email or comment below. Let me know what you think.. 🙂

– Mubaid

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About the author

Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!


I’m following this blog regularly. Some noob questions. You have got any designers? Or self made design?

    Mubaid Syed

    All the designs have been made by myself..
    I mostly select the design which are scalable.. Like changing one thing and targeting to other niches.. 🙂
    Are you also trying campaigns?


      Hi..I just want to know that how do u promote ur t-shirts? U r really great ..
      Are u promoting on fb or any other website??

        Mubaid Syed

        Hello Jaish,

        I use only Facebook ads for promoting the campaigns.
        Haven’t experimented with any other platform so far.. 🙂


Dude..You are awesome..
I am Siva. We met at Rodinhoods meetup.
I lost your number. Please drop your mobile number to 9908373343

    Mubaid Syed

    Hi Siva,
    Good to connect with you again.. 🙂
    Let’s catch up on Facebook.

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