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Choose Scalable Designs for Selling more t-shirts..

Hello awesome people, this is a short post about selecting the design which can help you sell more and more t-shirts and earn a lot of profits. In the previous blog post, I had explained about how to come up with design ideas for t-shirts. Basically, there are 2 types of designs to choose from […]

How to Run a Facebook PPE Ad – Step by Step Hey guys, After the previous blog post where I explained about different types of Facebook Ads, I got many requests asking if I can show in detail how to launch a perfect PPE Ad. So, I thought I would do a short video explaining how its done. But somehow I went into a lot […]

Types of Facebook Ads – Which one to choose for selling t-shirts Hey guys, hope you all are doing awesome and selling lots of t-shirts. Today, I wanted to cover one important topic which people keep asking me. Which Facebook Ad type works best for selling t-shirts. After you have selected a design for your t-shirts and launched a campaign, the next step is to run […]

How to target people having Birthday soon..

Hi Guys, hope you are all doing awesome and selling tons of t-shirts.. 🙂 Today, I was talking to one of my friends who wanted to know how to target people who are having birthday in the current month. Its an excellent technique and can be used creatively to sell huge number of t-shirts. You can go crazy here and […]

How to Come Up with Ideas for T-Shirts Designs..

Making a campaign successful is easy.. unless we overcomplicate it. Sometimes, I see people making the whole process so complicated. You don’t need to make it too complex. After launching 600+ successful campaigns, I have realised that the simplest of ideas, simplest of designs, simplest of targeting sells the best. So, how do you select […]

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