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Need Best Niche to Sell T-Shirts? Spy on Top Selling Designs on Facebook

I get this question a lot.”What is the best niche to target?””What is the most profitable niche?””Which niche should I start with?”My first advise..Always start with Yourself..It looks simple but is very very powerful.We all have.. hobbies, passions, our jobs, things we love,things we adore,field of study,our profession..Start with yourself and..see what kind of design […]

[Update 1] Launch 100 Campaigns

Challenge – Launch 100 campaigns in Feb 2016 and blog the learnings and results Hey guys, so turns out I am lazier than I thought. To meet the 100 campaigns challenge and be profitable, I should be launching at least 5-6 campaigns daily. So far, I have launched just 5 campaigns. Here are the results […]

Challenge – Launch 100 Campaigns in Feb 2016

Hello.. hello… Hope you all are doing awesome and launching cool campaigns. If you have read my previous blogĀ (600+ successful campaigns), I had mentioned that I love to keep the most crazy targets for myself and work hard to achieve them. After the amazing results of Jan month, I got a little lazy and did […]

Beginning of Something Awesome!

Welcome to T-Shirt Profit Academy!! I thought of starting this blog because I wanted to share with you all what all things I am learning each day about selling t-shirts online and making money out of it. Selling t-shirts online is a huge business outside India and many people have earned millions of dollars using […]