How to handle Order Returns on MyDreamStore and be Profitable!

Reduce Cash on Delivery Order Returns

Hello fellow campaigners, So, recently I am seeing lot of posts, comments on MyDreamStore Campaigner Connect Facebook Community regarding the Return of Orders. As we all know, the campaigner is paid for only the orders which are Delivered to customer Successfully. So, if there are lot of Returns, it can harm your ROI a lot. […]

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You just need ONE Successful Campaign..

How to sell tshirts on teespring

Hello guys, It’s been a long time I posted on the blog. I have been away from MyDreamStore for past 2 month due to some personal reasons. I went through a tragedy. A tragedy everyone faces at some point in his/her life. Well, I got married.. :p   That means bachelor life is over. No more […]

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A New Experiment and Breaking the Records..

How to sell tshirts online teespring and mydreamstore

Hello friends, Recently I did an experiment with MyDreamStore’s feature of Storefront which allows users to create a separate page of storefront where you can host multiple designs and it gives you a unique link which can be shared with others. Whenever someone visits that link, they will see all the designs added to that […]

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Learn to Use Facebook Retargeting – Double Your TShirt Sales

Facebook Retargeting Ads Hey guys, hope you are doing awesome.. 🙂 Today, I will be showing step by step tutorial on how to run a retargeting ad on Facebook and double your t-shirts sales on MyDreamStore. If you are selling on MyDreamStore and have some successful campaign, use retargeting ads and quickly scale the number of sales. What […]

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Specific or Generic Facebook Page? Which works best..

Generic vs specific facebook page

Hello friends, I have been getting lot of questions asking if its better to use a generic Facebook page or Specific Facebook Page for selling t-shirts? Generic Facebook Pages are something like ‘Awesome T-Shirts’, ‘Limited Edition T-Shirts’, ‘Cool T-Shirts’ They are having a general name which is not related to any of the niche or […]

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