The Joy of Earning 50 Lacs from MyDreamStore in 6 months..

Success Story of Selling TShirts Online

“Hi Prashant, at least let me know if there is any hope for us? Looking forward”, I sent the first SMS

“Hi Nilesh, Any update? Looking forward to a positive reply”, sent 2nd SMS.
And, I waited. I waited hoping for a positive response from any of the angel investors. The talks have been going on for months. I gave presentations, made hundreds of excel sheets. Historic projections, past statistics, 2 years plan, 3 year plan. I started to get frustrated as most of my time was going in making excels, meetings, presentations and very less on growing the business.

** TING ** the phone rang. I read with trembling hands. “Sorry Mubaid, we don’t think there is much traction right now. Please get back to us after 6 months. Keep us posted. Good luck”

** TING ** another message. “Hey buddy. I am afraid, we’ll have to pass on this opportunity for now. Good luck. Let’s stay in touch.” My heart felt heavy. I just wanted to smash the phone but it was one of the few good things I had left with me. The lump in my throat made it unable to speak and I didn’t wanted to show the droplets in my eyes.

I fell on the bed thinking Its Over. I am done. I am done running after investors. I am done with this startup thing. Did I fail everyone? My parents, friends, myself? I didn’t had any money left. Friends have been helping out for past couple of months. But that only piled up to my existing loans. Education loan (aahh.. the beautiful gift of MBA), company loans, personal loans. There was no other option but to take up a job which I did not wanted to do at any cost. I was screwed. I would shiver every time I got a call from SBI to pay up the education loan EMI.

After hours of sulking and feeling depressed. I opened laptop and typed in Google, ‘Resume Format for Applying to Jobs’. While I waited for it to load, browsing through my Facebook Feed I saw the MyDreamStore Ad which read – Create & Sell T-Shirts without any Inventory. I remembered meeting Karthik n Satish (founders) in one of the startup events but I never seriously thought about it.

Bam! a bulb lit up in my head. The only problem I was facing was I didn’t had money for inventory for my website. Why not give it a try?

Immediately closed the Google Tab of RESUMES and started reading about MyDreamStore and how it works…

Fast Forward to April 2016 – 6 months later

The Joy of Earning 50 Lacs in 6 months from MyDreamStore

The Joy of Earning 50 Lacs in 6 months from MyDreamStore

It’s Insane… Its Crazy… I still can’t believe this is possible.

Sure, it took lot of sleepless nights, lot of long working hours, lot of failed campaigns but it is possible. Hitting Half Century on MyDreamStore was my biggest aim for past couple of months. Finally it came true.. 🙂

Last 7 Days' Earning from MyDreamStore

Last 7 Days’ Earning from MyDreamStore

If you want to read the full story of how I got started and how I started from zero Read Here

I started with Zero. I had no idea about this business model. I started with just one campaign targeted towards Doctors and budget of Rs 300. But I was in a Do or Die situation. If I didn’t make money from MyDreamStore, I had to join a job somewhere which I did not wanted to do at any cost.

I had to save my startup. I was stuck deep neck in loans. Education Loan, Credit Card loan, Personal loan, Company loan. May be the fear of all this pushed me into learning and doing more and more. But the key takeaway is IT IS POSSIBLE.

And all you need is that hunger, that fire in the belly to learn and earn. And set crazy targets for yourself. When I started making sales, I kept a target of making Rs 10k per day – which seemed impossible at that time.

But that aim kept me pushing forward to do more, to launch more campaigns, to learn more. Once I achieved that, I kept a target of Rs 50k per day. Which was insane. It is the salary of a good employee in a good MNC. I achieved that also soon.

The biggest target I kept was hitting 1 Lacs in a day. And after that hitting 50 Lacs earnings from MyDreamStore. It has been just 6 months and I achieved that.

The point is not to brag about it but to let you know that IT IS POSSIBLE. Only limitation is how much effort you are willing to put into this. How much more are you willing to learn? In the early days, I had gone completely mad. I did not leave my room for days and weeks. Day and night I was on YouTube, learning about Facebook Ads, Teespring campaigns etc. I have seen Every single video or tutorial related to this on Internet.

Once free tutorials got over, I started buying Paid Courses. Believe it or not, I have bought every single course available on Internet related to Teespring. And all this with the profits earned from MyDreamStore. Spent almost 1.3 Lacs so far in buying courses related to this business. It was an investment I kept making in learning and in launching campaigns. Whatever I kept learning from these, I used on MyDreamStore.

The more campaigns you launch, the more learning you will get. But don’t just spend money without proper research or proper plan. I would suggest first go through all the free material available on Internet including MyDreamStore University, My Blog. Then may be get into a good coaching program if possible (I am also launching a video tutorial course ‘MyDreamStore Domination’ where I will be teaching everything I know – step by step)

Today, looking back 6 months back, I am very happy that I browsed Facebook at the time when I was searching for resume templates and closed it immediately and decided to give MyDreamStore a chance. It changed everything. And most importantly, Cleared most of the loans (biggest headache)

Today, I am so happy to be a full time T-SHIRT ENTREPRENEUR. No Boss, No Office, No 9-5 Working Hours, No Useless Excels or Meetings. But its not the end. As I said, I believe in keeping Crazy Targets.

My Next Target is to hit 1 Crore Earnings from MyDreamStore which is quite possible.

Indian market is huge. And the trend is just starting. There is enough audience and money for everyone. And we all are at the Start of This ERA. Start of a New Age. If anyone is a fan of One Piece (anime), you can relate it to the New Pirate Age where everyone is rushing towards One Piece.. 🙂    We are the T-SHIRT PIRATES.

You, me – we all are lucky to be the first ones to try this model since the market is completely wide open and untapped. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you guys also achieve these insane results. If I can help in any way, feel free to let me know… 🙂  Good luck guys..

Talk to you soon,

~ Mubaid

About the author

Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!

Dinesh Kumar

Congrats mubaid.
Soon you achieve your targets
All the best for your future campaigns

Bharat soni

I asked you like tons of questions on facebook but you aren’t replying anyone of them. Why?

    Mubaid Syed

    Hi Bharat,

    Sorry about that. I got stuck in some personal tasks so could not reply back at that time.
    Lets connect soon.. 🙂

Abhijeet Bhaware

Can someone tela me how to join this campaign??



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