50 Lacs ($100K) Profit in 6 months! Say What?

making money online in India

“Hi Prashant, at least let me know if there is any hope for us? Looking forward”, I sent the first SMS

“Hi Nilesh, Any update? Looking forward to a positive reply”, sent 2nd SMS.

And, I waited.

I waited hoping for a positive response from any of the angel investors.

The talks have been going on for months.

I gave presentations, made hundreds of excel sheets.

Historic projections, past statistics, 2 years plan, 3 year plan.

I started to get frustrated as most of my time was going in making excels, meetings, presentations and very less on growing the business.


** TING ** the phone rang.

I read with trembling hands.

“Sorry Mubaid, we don’t think there is much traction right now. Please get back to us after 6 months. Keep us posted. Good luck”

** TING ** another message.

“Hey buddy. I am afraid, we’ll have to pass on this opportunity for now. Good luck. Let’s stay in touch.”


My heart felt heavy.

I just wanted to smash the phone but it was one of the few good things I had left with me.

The lump in my throat made it unable to speak and I didn’t wanted to show the droplets in my eyes.


I fell on the bed thinking Its Over. I am done.

I am done running after investors.

I am done with this startup thing.

Did I fail everyone? My parents, friends, myself?

I didn’t had any money left. Friends have been helping out for past couple of months.

But that only piled up to my existing loans.

Education loan (aahh.. the beautiful gift of MBA), company loans, personal loans.

There was no other option but to take up a job which I did not wanted to do at any cost.

I was screwed. I would shiver every time I got a call from SBI Bank to pay up the education loan EMI.


After hours of sulking and feeling depressed, I opened laptop and typed in Google,

‘Resume Format for Applying to Jobs’.

While I waited for it to load, browsing through my Facebook Feed,

I saw the MyDreamStore Ad which read – Create & Sell T-Shirts without any Inventory.

I remembered meeting Karthik n Satish (founders) in one of the startup events

but I never seriously thought about it.


Bam! a bulb lit up in my head.

The only problem I was facing was I didn’t had money for inventory for my website.

Why not give it a try?



Fast forward to 6 Months Later..



Wanna see the results? BAMMMM….

Earning 50 Lacs in 6 months from MyDreamStore

Unbelievable, right? 

26,000 Products Sold – $100,000 in Profit

Even I couldn’t believe I was able to achieve so much in just 6 months.

I still feel like its a dream and I would wake up anytime now 🙂

Now, let’s dive into the details how I achieved it.


** Initial Investment and My First Design **

Though I had read many success stories of Teespring,

I wasn’t sure about Indian market and I did not wanted to spend lot of money in ads initially.

So I decided not to spend more than Rs 300 ($5) per design per day.

I wanted the designs to be scalable.

I wanted to select the designs which can be easily modified and used for other niche/domains.

So my first ever campaign was something like this –


My First Campaign. Simple yet very effective

Yupp, believe it or not, it was that simple. A simple, clean design with good colors. Most of the people make a mistake of making the design too complex. But the simplest of designs sell more easily. And remember, I was just testing the market at this time.

So, I launched the design and started some Facebook Ads targeting the Doctors. Though I was good at Facebook Ads, I spent a lot of time learning online, reading articles, watching YouTube videos about Facebook Ads, targeting, teespring tutorials etc.

And the results were awesome. I started getting sales from Day 1. I was still scared to spend more money. I started reading about how to scale the campaigns, Fb Ads, how to increase ROI etc.

After 4-5 days, I increased the per day budget to Rs 400 per day

and launched one more design by changing DOCTOR to ENGINEER.

The Engineer one did not do so well.

No sales even after spending Rs 1000($20)

I stopped it and realised my FB targeting was way off.

Then I spent days learning about FB targeting, how to laser target audience etc.

Launched the campaign again. And Baammmm.. I started making sales.. 🙂

Facebook Targeting is the most important thing in this business.

** October 2015 **

I started all this on 18th Oct and by end of the month,

I had made a decent profit of Rs 1.6 Lacs ($ 3000)

It was great to begin with but I wanted to scale it as much as possible.

I launched some campaigns of the SAME DESIGN by just changing the PROFESSION.

Before investing more, I wanted to learn everything there is available on internet about this model.

So I spent all my time learning and taking notes.

** November 2015 **

I always believe in GO BIG OR GO HOME.

I decided to go all in.

Now I knew the model works and I had learned many things about FB Ads, targeting etc.

You know what I did next? I searched on Google, “List of all professions in India”

And I started launching 5-6 campaigns daily like Crazzzyyy.

Same Design, Same Color, Same Tagline.

Only the profession name will change. I became obsessed with it.

Every single damn profession you could think of, I made a campaign for it.


November Sales Stats

The problem was I didn’t had so much money to invest in ads, so I talked to MDS founders and they were kind enough to initiate Oct payouts and I invested all that in Facebook ads.

It was absolutely crazy. I was running 35-40 campaigns at a time. Means, 70-80 Facebook Ads at one time. 80% of the campaigns were successful. I would test every campaign for 3 days, if good sales, I would keep them else kill them immediately and try something different.

Beginning of Nov, I kept a target of achieving Rs 10k ($200) profit per day and I achieved that in just 5 days. I slowly kept increasing my goal.

Then I thought let’s go completely crazy and

keep the most ridiculous target. And the target was..

Earning Rs 1 Lacs ($ 2000) Profit in ONE DAY.

Keep that goal in mind. I started to work like crazy.

No other thought on mind.

Only campaigns, designs, facebook ads, tutorials.

MDS guys had to keep making payout because I was spending on ads like crazy.

But keep in mind, I never let any day go in negative.

You can see in the image above, everyday I was maintaining at least 100% ROI

means if I am spending Rs 5000 ($100) in ads,

I should made at least Rs 10,000 ($200) in return.

Now, my original design was slowing dying out.

So I started launching campaigns in other domains/niches.

At the end of the month, though I could not achieve Rs 1 Lac ($2000) per day profit,

I came very close.

The highest was Rs 83,000/- ($ 1500) in profit in ONE DAY.. 🙂

And total I ended up making Rs 9.36 Lacs ($ 14,000) in November.

** December 2015 **

December was again awesome.

Though I could not work the whole month

as I had some personal things to take care of for a week.

And in this month, I focussed completely on designs other than professions.

Gym lovers, travel lovers, photography lovers etc.

I would launch 5-6 campaigns daily and 2-3 would be successful.

And that’s ok because thats how this model works.

You experiment with different niches until you find the one which is successful

and it will cover up the cost of all the failed ones so far.


Some successful campaigns from Nov

Some successful campaigns from Nov



successful campaign

Achieved one more target of 1 Lac from a single campaign


One good campaigns covers up all failed ones

One good campaigns covers up all failed ones

Overall, December was also an awesome month.

MyDreamStore had organised The Expertees Contest ,

to see who can sell the most no. of tees in a period of time.

I was the First Winner in the contest,

winning Rs 2.5 Lacs ($2846) added bonus which the icing on the cake.. 😀


Winning Expertees Contest

Winning Expertees Contest

So, finally I ended up making total Rs 10 Lacs ( $ 1538) in December.

** January 2016 **

After Dec, I decided to take some time off as

I was too burn out after launching so many campaigns.

I was doing everything on my own.

Designing, posting on Facebook pages, running ads, replying to comments,

monitoring ads, everything single handedly.

So I took a week off, bought an XBox 360 which was my dream for a long long time 🙂

Paid of all the credit cards debts and some personal debts (still a long list to complete though)

In Jan I ended up making total profit of Rs 11.28 Lacs ($ 17,353)

** Fast Forward to April 2016 **

April has just started. I am writing this on 7th April 2016. Wanna know the stats of last 7 days?

Earning money from MyDreamStore

Its insane right? 6 Lacs ($ 9,230) in last 7 days.

** The Learnings and Advise **

Here are some things I learned in last 2-3 months –

  1. Its not a Get Rick Quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work. Lot of learning. Lot of research. In early days, I went completely mad. I didn’t leave my room for days. Everyday, I would spend 3-4 hours learning about Facebook Ads, marketing, targeting etc. Learn, learn and learn as much as possible. There is no substitute for it. I am going to put all my learnings, tutorials, tips & tricks in this blog so subscribe to it.
  2. Experiment – Its all about trying out new campaigns, new niches, new ideas. Within these 2 months, I have launched 600 successful campaigns.
  3. Don’t spend too much on Ads – Start very small. Rs 200 ($ 5) per day is enough to test out the design. If you don’t get sales even after spending Rs 600-800 ($ 10-15), kill it and move on. Try different design or different niche.
  4. Always keep an eye on return on investment (ROI)
  5. Don’t Give Up – I have read every single article about selling t-shirts online and I know many people who did not find a successful campaign even after 30-40 failed campaigns. Learn from other successful campaigns. Be smart. Emulate the strategies of ones which are successful. I am so glad I did not give up when I was at the lowest point of my life. If I had taken up job that day, I wouldn’t have been writing this blog right now.

And finally. feel free to ask me anything.

I would be more than happy to help you out here. Just drop me an email at

mubaid@tshirtprofitacademy.com or reply in comments below.


Would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below, let me know what you think. Share it with your friends. Its a great model for anyone who is looking for a side income or even make a living online using MyDreamStore.


Talk to you soon,



About the author

Mubaid Syed

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. Founder of 2 successful startups and an Online T-Shirts Brand which sold more than 100,000 t-shirts within 2 years. Love experimenting with new marketing strategies. Love to help others and inspire them to achieve their goals!

Dinesh Kumar

Your article is really inspiring.Thanks for sharing ideas.Looking forward for more articles from you.


Great stuff dude. Cheers..!!


You are a real inspiration.Can you tell me what card you use and what Fb accepts for Fb ads.

    Mubaid Syed

    I usually use ICICI Bank card.. It seems to work fine without any problem.

      jennfier rao

      Great success story, Well done.

      About ICICI card is it Credit Card or Debit Card, as I heard Debit Cards do work with FB ads.


        Mubaid Syed

        Yes.. ICICI Debit Cards work with FB without any problem.

Praveen Vijay


Is it (Myderamstore) India based company and all your campaign target Indians? Right?

    Mubaid Syed

    Yes Praveen.. its India based company and all the campaigns are Indian targeted. I haven’t tried Teespring yet.
    Are you also campaigning?


What a guy you’re.. Hats off Mubaid. An entrepreneur tries to solve problems but Your trying to solve entrepreneurs problem. I really appreciate the belief you have in your self..that will never make u feel insecure about anything. I think we face competition when we don’t understand the customer exactly. U nailed it. You have answered my few questions which I want to ask you when we meet up. Wish you all the strength and success. ?

neeraj dalvi

amazing story.


and my dream store is a amazing team .

had the pleasure to meet the team in hyderabad.

Tadro Labitad

Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for you to start a course 🙂

Vihang Desai

just came across your blog at the right time. excellent stuff!

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks brother.. 🙂

      Vihang Desai

      I have not received the free case study yet. checked my spam folder and promotions tab as well. Had subscribed two days back. Kindly send the free case study on my mail as soon as possible.

      Thank You! 🙂


What is the percentage of successful campaigns?


Nice. How much did you invest in FB Ads? What was your real profit margin after the investment in ads?
Want to know the Real Picture here.
Thanks for the blog, keep posting and inspiring.

    Mubaid Syed

    Hi Deepak,

    You can consider, almost 30-35% was ad spent from total amount.
    I focus very high on having positive ROI and optimise all my ads to increase ROI.
    Generally I try to get 150-200% ROI..

Le Minh Khanh

Which platform you buy for indian?

Sarvesh Nayak

Great Start .Your Story Is Inspiration To Many Mr.Mubaid . I Think I will Soon Start My Campaign 🙂

Shivam Agarwal

Hi Mubaid,

It is an inspiring story, to start this do we need to have some sort of designing skills, please guide me how should I start if I have no knowledge of t-shirt designing.
Looking forward for your response. Thanks!

    Mubaid Syed

    Designing is not the most important requirement to get started with this model.
    The simplest of designs sell well on MyDreamStore. You can hire a freelancer or outsource your designs as well.


Hi Mubaid, can you please check your email?

It’s from paradigmshift 🙂

Thank you


Very nice story of your success, and very inspiring.
I’ve watched other tutorials on youtube, but You are the best! You made it so understandable with the beginner’s point of view. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sure many are helped with your blog and experience.

Chandra kanth

Woww great bro hatsoff!! I read all the hardwork behind ur success great. I was much more inspired by your success writings on your blog. But sure soon i ping you with a success saying as you are my behind.

    Mubaid Syed

    Thank you Chandra… 🙂

    Its easy enough. You just need to put in the hard work and be ready to learn. Anyone can have such success.

    Wish you all the best and feel free to ping me or write to me for any queries.


sir but my designs are not related to any profession or month these are just funny or humorous so in this case how will i find my target audience.

Robert Adziashvili

Can your teachings be applied to USA Market and Ecommerce like SHOPIFY Store etc Thanks

    Mubaid Syed

    Yes Robert.. 🙂

    Its the same thing. I am teaching all the important stuff which is applicable to any platform, any niche or any market.

Shanmuga Venkatesh

Please check your inbox bro …!!!!!


Really inspiring….I am a beginner in designing tees at MDS.
I want to know is there any way to update my previous design on mydreamstore. As sometimes we want to make a slight change in our design just after launching it.

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks Sapna.. 🙂

    I don’t think there is any facility to update a design once its posted. You have to create a new one only.

Shubham borse

Sir, your story inspired me alot. You are really awesome sir i am not looking that how many moneys you earned im just inspired by your hardwork, dedication, never stop until you reach the goal, always set a small small target achived it and later you will realize that you achived a lot in life….
Sir my kindly request to you that can you pls make a video on facebook add and how to grow campaign etc. Thing it will help us alot.. Pls pls pls

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks a lot Shubham.. 🙂

    I am so glad my story and tutorials have inspired you.
    My aim is to help as many people as possible and let have them achieve the similar results.

    Feel free to email me for any doubts or if any help is needed.


This is really awesome bro. You truly are inspirational and best part is that you are sharing your success story for others to learn from.

Q- Besides TeeSpring and Mydreamstore, which other tshirt platforms are you currently selling on or plan to sell in future?

Thanks in advance.

    Mubaid Syed

    Thanks Prashant.. 🙂

    Happy to know you loved the blog posts. I am mostly using MyDreamStore.
    Almost all platforms are same. You can use anyone based on your preference.

Anubhav Singhal

Hi Mubaid,

Yours is one of the most inspirational story that i have read in recent times. I have been holding myself back to go for this model but your story has motivated me as i have been facing similar circumstances. I would really appreciate if you could guide me as i am not familiar with technicalities of campaigns, facebook ads. I have sent an e-mail to you as well, would look forward for your reply.

Warm Regards.

Ashish Kumar

That was inspiring bro Thanks for sharing this valuable information

    Mubaid Syed

    Glad you loved it Ashish.. 🙂


Mubaid sir u r awesome.
Aap Jaise diggaj campaigner se compete krna bahut muskil hai.


Hey Mubaid,

Your indeed very helpful and a very honest person as i can sense it via your videos and blog posts..

My issue is : Mydreamstore does not allow new members to create tees anymore, they want super sellers now !! How to become a super-seller if they themselves do not allow new members to create ads and test the platform, they tell you to click on a link to check if your eligible to sell tshirts but hey I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SELL TSHIRTS TO BEGIN WITH because I just created a new account lol. I literally had everything ready just when I thought of making new designs Mydreamstore stopped taking in new publishers like me..

Anyways Mubaid I’m a fb marketer myself I’m in need of a company apart from teespring, as using teespring I can only target non-Indians and I want to cater to the Indian crowd, do you have any other company that I can use to create and sell tshirts mate.

I’m tired of sending emails to Mydreamstore with same copy pasted response to be honest.

Pallab Purkayastha

Thanks for everything. You are like Robinhood
Please check your mail

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