Simple trick to find out which Interests are targetable on Facebook

Facebook Interest Targeting

Hello everyone,Today I will be sharing one simple but very effective technique.We all know that we do our Interest research on Audience Insights right?Based on the Interest we put in Audience Insights, we get relevant suggestions from Facebook.Its really helpful.But the problem with this is – Not all Interests suggested by Facebook are Targetable on […]

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Give Invisible Border Effect to TShirt Designs in Adobe Photoshop

TShirt Designing Tutorial Photoshop

Hello friends,You all know about the awesome Facebook Group we have right?If not, please stop reading and join the group already. There are more than 1000 members in the group from different backgrounds, different countries, having different experiences.And we are having some amazing discussions daily.We are all learning a lot from each other.So… One of the members, […]

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Need Best Niche to Sell T-Shirts? Spy on Top Selling Designs on Facebook

Mubaid Syed TShirt Profit Academy

I get this question a lot.”What is the best niche to target?””What is the most profitable niche?””Which niche should I start with?”My first advise..Always start with Yourself..It looks simple but is very very powerful.We all have.. hobbies, passions, our jobs, things we love,things we adore,field of study,our profession..Start with yourself and..see what kind of design […]

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